All cardiovascular medicine fellows participate in clinical activities for at least 24 months during the 3-year training period as outlined by the ACGME and ABIM. This allows fellows to develop appropriate levels of clinical competence in adult cardiovascular medicine to start their careers. The total amount of clinical training will be individually determined to best meet the career goals of fellows. The content and level of training a fellow achieves is based on the American College of Cardiology Core Cardiology Training Statement (COCATS4).

Sample Schedules

1st Year

2nd Year

3rd Year

Cath Lab: 3 Months Cath Lab: 1-3 Months Clinical Electives: 6 Months
  Echo Lab: 2-3 Months  
Echo Lab: 2 Months    
  CCU: 2 Months  
Consults: 1-2 Months    
  TEE: 1 Month Research: 6-24 Months*
VA: 2 Months Heart Failure: 1 Month  
  MRI: 1 Month  
Nuclear: 1 Month Nuclear: 1 Month  
Heart Failure: 1 Month Consults: 1 Month  
EP Consult: 1-2 Months EP Consult: 1 Month  
Schedule consists of 13 four week blocks. All years include 3 week vacation.
*Optional T-32 grant support for up to 24 months of research.