Presented at the State of the Department address on June 23, 2022

Each spring the faculty, fellows, and housestaff elect a few of their colleagues as outstanding clinical teachers, and the department holds an awards ceremony in conjunction with Medicine Grand Rounds.

The individuals below are the 2022 winners:

Allergy and Immunology Faculty Teaching Award - Ryszard Dworski, MD, PhD

Judge Sidney H. Reiss Award for Excellence in Pulmonary Medicine - Justin Hewlett, MD

Roger Des Prez Award for Teaching Excellence - Eddie Qian, MD

Sam Marney Award for Excellence in Allergy & Immunology Training - Matthew Krantz, MD, and Kristen Corey, MD

Bonnie Slovis Award for Excellence in Outpatient Pulmonary Clinical Care - Peter Edmonds, MD

Faculty Teaching Award for Best Overall Teacher of the Year - Holly Gonzales, MD

Fellow Teaching Award - Alex Sullivan, MD

Rhodes Scholarship Award - Jeffrey Schmeckpeper, MD, PhD

Faculty Teaching Award -  Menna S. Madhur, MD, PhD

Fellows Teaching Award - John R. Brannon, PhD

Jason D. Morrow Clinical Pharmacology Chief Fellow - Prashant Raghavendran, DO

The William D. Salmon, Jr. Faculty Teaching Award - Chase Hendrickson, MD, MPH, and Gisella Carranza Leon, MD

The William J. Kovacs Endocrine Fellow Award - Sally Friedman, MD

Research Paper Award - Staci Sudenga, PhD

Teaching Award - Nikhil Khankari, PhD

Richard P. Schneider Recognition Award - Audrey Bennett, MD

Outstanding Teaching Award - Alexandra Shingina, MD

F. Tremaine (Josh) Billings Faculty Teaching Award - Sara Martin, MD, and Eleanor Weaver, MD

Outstanding Preceptor - Inpatient Award - Peter Paik, MD

Outstanding Preceptor - Outpatient Award - Kevin Mitchell, MD

Grant W. Liddle Excellence in Teaching Award - Kelly Taylor, MS

Research Award - Alex Bick, MD, PhD

Teaching Excellence in Geriatric Medicine - Mariu Duggan, MD, MPH

Fellow Teaching Excellence in Geriatric Medicine - Alex Petrakos, MD

Most Outstanding Fellow Teaching Award - Vivek Patel, MD 

Kenneth R. Hande, M.D. Most Outstanding Teacher Award for Excellence in Teaching Hem/Onc Fellows - Ola Oluwole, MD, MPH, and Rajiv Agarawal, MD

William Schaffner Teaching Award in Infectious Diseases - Cody A. Chastain, MD

Outstanding Fellow Award - Chelsea Gorsline, MD

First Year Teaching Award - Michael Chambers, MD

Faculty Teaching Award - Julia Lewis, MD

Professionalism Award - Max Nutt, MD

Chief Fellow Award - Jefferson Triozzi, MD, and Jennifer Bergeron, MD

Howard A. Fuchs, MD Teaching Award - Tracy Frech, MD, MSCI

Fellow Teaching Award - Megan Hansen, MD

Best Faculty Teacher, VUH - Manhal Izzy, MD

Best Faculty Teacher, Veterans Affairs - JP Arroyo, MD, PhD

Best Faculty Teacher, Ambulatory - Norman Hardman, MD, Neeraja Peterson, MD, and Billy Sullivan, MD

Best Fellow Teacher - Lee Richardson, MD

Best Resident Teacher - Ray Dieter, MD, Thomas Horton, MD, and Ben Frush, MD