2019 Clinical Teaching Awards Recipients
Congratulations to the Recipients of the 2019 and 2020 Clinical Teaching Awards!
Dr. Timothy Blackwell presenting AP CTAs

Presented at the State of the Department Address on June 4th, 2020

Each spring the faculty, fellows, and housestaff elect a few of their colleagues as outstanding clinical teachers and the department holds an awards ceremony in conjunction with Medical Grand Rounds. The individuals below are this year's winners.

Judge Sidney H. Reiss Award for Excellence in Pulmonary Medicine - Meredith Pugh, MD, MSCI
Roger Des Prez Award for Teaching Excellence - Eddie Qian, MD
Sam Marney Award for Excellence in Allergy & Immunology Training - David Coleman, MD
Bonnie Slovis Award for Excellence in Outpatient Pulmonary Clinical Care: Matthew Mart, MD

Cardiovascular Medicine Faculty Teaching Award for Best Overall Teacher of the Year - William J. Stevenson, MD

Cardiovascular Medicine Fellow Teaching Award - Richa Gupta, MD and Giovanni Davogustto, MD

Cardiovascular Medicine Rhode's Award for Scholarly Activity - Daniel Eugene Clark, MD

Clinical Pharmacology Faculty Teaching Award -  Jonathan D. Mosley, MD, PhD

Clinical Pharmacology Fellows Teaching Award - Katelyn Neely, MD

Jason D. Morrow Clinical Pharmacology Chief Fellow - Christian Egly, Pharm.

The 2020 William D. Salmon, Jr. Faculty Teaching Award - Barbara Gisella Carranza Leon, MD and Howard B. A. Baum, MD

The 2020 William J. Kovacs Endocrine Fellow Award - Juliana J. Matthews, MD

Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center Impact Award - Wei Zheng, MD and Xiao-Ou Shu, MD

Richard P. Schneider Recognition Award - Sean Rice, MD

Division of GI Outstanding Teaching Award - Kenneth Carpenter, MD

F. Tremaine (Josh) Billings Faculty Teaching Award - Andrew Woolridge, MD

Outstanding Preceptor - Inpatient Award - Chase Webber, DO

Outstanding Preceptor - Outpatient Award - Heather Ridinger, MD

Grant W. Liddle Excellence in Teaching Award - Lea Davis, PhD 

Research Award- Douglas Ruderfer, PhD

Teaching Excellence in Geriatric Medicine - Parul Goyal, MBBS

Teaching Excellence in Geriatric Medicine - Jacob Parnell, MD

Hematology/Oncology Most Outstanding Fellow Teaching Award - Dilan Patel, MD and Andrew Sochakci

Kenneth R. Hande, M.D. Most Outstanding Teacher Award for Excellence in Teaching Students and Residents - Stephen Brandt, MD

William Schaffner Teaching Award in Infectious Diseases - Anna K. Person, MD, FIDSA

Infectious Diseases Outstanding Fellow Award - Ronald M. Beaulieu III, MD

Infectious Diseases Outstanding Fellow Award - Kassem Bourgi, M.D.

Nephrology Faculty Teaching Award - Julia B. Lewis, MD

Nephrology Professionalism Award: Cassie Kovach, MD

Nephrology Chief Fellow Award 2018-2019 - Christin Giordano, MD

Rheumatology Faculty Teaching Award - Kevin W. Byram, MD

Rheumatology Fellow Teaching Award - Tyler Reese, MD

Best Faculty Teacher, VUH - Jamison Norwood, MD

Best Faculty Teacher, Veterans Affairs - Brian Christman, MD

Best Faculty Teacher, Ambulatory - Jennifer K. Green, MD, MPH

Best Fellow Teacher - Eddie Kian, MD

Best Resident Teacher - Vivek Patel, MD