Presented at the State of the Department address on June 3, 2021

Each spring the faculty, fellows, and housestaff elect a few of their colleagues as outstanding clinical teachers, and the department holds an awards ceremony in conjunction with Medicine Grand Rounds.

The individuals below are the 2021 winners:

Allergy and Immunology Faculty Teaching Award - Elizabeth Phillips, MD

Judge Sidney H. Reiss Award for Excellence in Pulmonary Medicine - Pierre Massion, MD

Roger Des Prez Award for Teaching Excellence - Karen Jackson, MD

Sam Marney Award for Excellence in Allergy & Immunology Training - Sarah Bluestein, MD

Bonnie Slovis Award for Excellence in Outpatient Pulmonary Clinical Care: Karen Jackson, MD

Cardiovascular Medicine Faculty Teaching Award for Best Overall Teacher of the Year -Travis D. Richardson, MD

Cardiovascular Medicine Fellow Teaching Award - Majd El-Harasis, MBBS 

Cardiovascular Medicine Rhode's Award for Scholarly Activity - Timothy Thayer, MD

Clinical Pharmacology Faculty Teaching Award -  Cynya Shibao, MD, MSCI

Clinical Pharmacology Fellows Teaching Award - Christian Egly, PharmD

Jason D. Morrow Clinical Pharmacology Chief Fellow - John R. Brannon, PhD, MMIM

The 2021 William D. Salmon, Jr. Faculty Teaching Award - Lindsay A. Bischoff, MD and Chase D. Hendrickson, MD, MPH

The 2021 William J. Kovacs Endocrine Fellow Award - Ashley M. Jancuska, MD and Daniel R. Tilden, MD

Division of Epidemiology 2021 Research Paper Award - Dr. Alicia Beeghly-Fadiel and Dr. Jirong Long

2021 Division of Epidemiology Teaching Award - Dr. Peter Rebeiro

Richard P. Schneider Recognition Award - Ankita Sisselman, MD

Division of GI Outstanding Teaching Award - Robin Dalal, MD

F. Tremaine (Josh) Billings Faculty Teaching Award - Andrew Woolridge, MD

Outstanding Preceptor - Inpatient Award - Kevin D. Hageman, DO

Outstanding Preceptor - Outpatient Award - Beth Ann Yakes, MD

Grant W. Liddle Excellence in Teaching Award - Michelle Southard-Smith, PhD 

Basic Research Award- Eric Gamazon, PhD

Clinica Teaching Award - Tuya Pal, MD

Teaching Excellence in Geriatric Medicine - Monica Stout, MD

Teaching Excellence in Geriatric Medicine - Chelsea Rick, DO

Hematology/Oncology Most Outstanding Fellow Teaching Award - Vivek Patel, MD and Marc Rtoth, MD

Kenneth R. Hande, M.D. Most Outstanding Teacher Award for Excellence in Teaching Students and Residents - Sally York, MD, MPH

William Schaffner Teaching Award in Infectious Diseases - Katie D. White, MD, MPH

Infectious Diseases Outstanding Fellow Award - Jamison E. Norwood, MD

Infectious Diseases Outstanding Fellow Award - Jeffrey Freiberg, MD, PhD

Nephrology Faculty Teaching Award - Jamie Dwyer, MD and Osama El Shamy, MD

Nephrology Professionalism Award: Laura Binari, MD

Nephrology Chief Fellow Award 2020-2021 - Peter Thorne, MD and Max Nutt, MD

Rheumatology Faculty Teaching Award - Kevin W. Byram, MD and Daniel A. Birchmore, MD

Rheumatology Fellow Teaching Award - Jennifer J. Yourng-Glazer, MD, MSCI

Best Faculty Teacher, VUH - Meredith Pugh, MD

Best Faculty Teacher, Veterans Affairs - Daniel A. Birchmore, MD and Chase Weber, DO

Best Faculty Teacher, Ambulatory - Beth Ann Yakes, MD

Best Fellow Teacher - Majd El-Harasis, MBBS 

Best Resident Teacher - Trevor Stevens, MD, Katie Suthankar, MD, and Alex Wiles, MD