Updated: 09/01/2020

NIH AWARDS (New, Competing)


Principal Investigator(s)

Agency Serial

Budget Start Date

Project Title

GE Dr. Eric Gamazon 1R01HG011138-01 8/7/2020 Advancing Multi-Omics and Electronic Health Records Computational Methodologies
NP Harris, Ray 2T32DK007569-32 07/01/2020 Renal Biology and Disease Training Program
ID Das, Suman 1R21AI149262-01A1 06/23/2020 Elucidating the role of nasopharyngeal microbiome in Respiratory Syncytial Virus associated diseases in children
CP Zent, Roy 2R01DK069921-16A 06/08/2020 The Laminin Receptors in Kidney Fibrosis
HO Smith, Scott 1R21AI154064-01 06/02/2020 Molecular basis for anaphylaxis due to galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose (alpha-gal)
AP Bastarache, Julie 1R35HL150783-01 06/01/2020 Applying Innovative Lung Mapping Strategies to Understand Alveolar Capillary Barrier Permeability in ARDS
ID Das, Suman 1R21AI154016-01 06/01/2020 Establishing the role of the upper airway mycobiome on childhood respiratory outcomes
AP Noto, Michael 1R01HL152210-01 05/15/2020 The Role of Mitochondrial Metabolism in Neutrophilic Lung Inflammat
GE Aldrich, Melinda 1U01CA253560-01 05/07/2020  Understanding determinants of racial disparities in lung cancer incidence
ID Mallal, Simon 2P30AI110527-06 05/01/2020 Tennessee Center for AIDS Research (TN-CFAR)
HO De Cubas, Aguirre 1K01CA245231-01 05/01/2020  Activation of transposable elements as an endogenous source of neoepitopes and mediators of tumor immunogenicity
HO Haake, Scott 1K08CA241351-01A1 05/01/2020 Constitutive Integrin Beta1 Signaling in Lung Cancer
EP Kuhs, Krystle 1R01DE029650-01 05/01/2020 HPV16 E6 Antibody Detection as an Early Marker of Oropharyngeal Cancer Among Men Living with HIV
CP Kawai, Vivian 1R01AR076516-01 04/01/2020 Genome and Phenome to Define Disease Risk with Antinuclear Antibodies
DE Blind, Ray 1R01GM132592-01A1 04/01/2020 IPMK function in chromatin
CA Brown, Jonathan 1R01HL146654-01A1 04/01/2020 Elucidating the chromatin-dependent mechanisms governing chronic inflammatory activation of endothelial cells in atherosclerosis.
ID Serezani, Carlos 1R01DK122147-01A1 04/01/2020 Prostaglandin E2 Actions and Enhanced Susceptibility to Skin Infection in Diabetic Mice
GI Short, Sara Palmer 1K01DK123495-01 04/01/2020 Antioxidant regulation of intestinal homeostasis and disease
ID Doster, Ryan 1K08AI151100-01 03/09/2020 Defining the impact of zinc on Streptococcus agalactiae biofilm and colonization
CP Glazer, Andrew 1K99HG010904-01 03/06/2020 A pipeline for identifying disease-causing variants in transmembrane proteins
NP Hudson, Billy 2R01DK018381-49 03/05/2020 Studies on the Structure of Basement Membranes
ID Rebeiro, Peter (contact); Duda, Stephany 1R21AI145686-01A1 02/10/2020 Registry Linkage to Improve Mortality Ascertainment and Assessment of Engagement in Care in Brazil, Mexico, and Peru
NP Breyer, Richard 1R21AG065859-01 02/01/2020 Age dependent EP receptor signaling in neuroinflammation and Alzheimer's disease
DE Harrison, Fiona 1R01ES031401-01 02/01/2020 Manganese exposure susceptibility as a modifier of excitotoxicity in Alzheimer's Disease
ID Serezani, Carlos 1R21AI149207-01 01/16/2020 Mechanisms underlying poor skin host defense in diabetic conditions
CP Roden, Dan 1R01HL149826-01 01/01/2020 Functional Genomics of Cardiac Sodium Channel Variants
CP Okamoto, Luis 1R01HL144568-01A1 01/01/2020 Automated Abdominal Binder for Orthostatic Hypotension
AP Blackwell, Tim 1R01HL151016-01 12/01/2019 Thromboxane Receptor Signaling in Pulmonary Fibrosis
EP Yang, Gong (contact); Chen, Qingxia 1R01CA237895-01A1 12/01/2019 Time-dependent and bidirectional effect of oxidative stress - a missing piece of the free radical theory of cancer and its potential implications
ID Ahonkhai, Aimalohi 1R21TW011327-01 09/26/2019 PeerNaija: A Mobile Health Platform Incentivizing Medication Adherence Among Youth Living with HIV in Nigeria
DE Gannon, Maureen 1R01DK120626-01A1 09/25/2019 Manipulating islet GPCR activity to promote beta cell proliferation and survival
NP Cavanaugh, Kerri 1U01DK123821-01 09/24/2019 Vanderbilt-West Virginia (VWV) Collaborative: A HOPE Consortium Clinical Center
DE Powers, Al 1U01DK123716-01 09/22/2019 Human Pancreas Analysis Program-T2D
GE Wiesner, Georgia 1U01CA232829-01A1 09/17/2019 Improving identification and healthcare for patients with Inherited Cancer Syndromes: Evidence-based EMR implementation using a web-based computer platform
CP Mosley, Jonathan 1R01GM130791-01A1 09/17/2019 Leveraging common genetic variation to reduce misclassification of non-diseased individuals and unnecessary health care utilization attributable to surrogate biomarkers
DE Blind, Ray 1R21CA243036-01 09/17/2019 A new kinase inhibitor for glioblastoma
GE Below, Jennifer (Piper) 1R01GM133169-01 09/16/2019 Harnessing the power of genetic relatedness for disease gene discovery
NP Wilson, Matt 2R01DK093660-08A1 09/15/2019 Novel cell therapy for sustained therapeutic protein delivery in vivo
NP Breyer, Rich 1R03AG063217-01 09/15/2019 Changes in PGE2 signaling with age: Implications for Alzheimer's Disease
IM Martinez, William 1R18DK123373-01 09/15/2019 Expanding Patient Engagement in Diabetes Care: Patient Portal Innovation
IM Chakkalakal, Rosette 1R01DK120814-01A1 09/15/2019 Putting Telehealth to the Test: An Evaluation of the Use of Telehealth to Increase the Population-Level Impact of an Employer-Based Diabetes Prevention Program
CP Phillips, Elizabeth 1R01HG010863-01 09/13/2019 Genetic risk and long-term outcomes associated with Drug-induced StevensJohnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis in survivors
IM MurffHarvey R01HD098719-01 09/13/2019 Investigating N-3 Fatty Acids to prevent Neonatal Tobacco-related outcomeS (INFANTS)
CP Rendina-Ruedy, Elizabeth 7K01AR072123-03 09/13/2019 Impaired Lipophagy and Lipid Droplet Accumulation in Osteoblasts
HO Hurley, Paula 7R01CA211695-03 09/01/2019 Regulation of Metastatic Development by Heritable Variants in the Tumor Microenvironment
GR Simmons, Sandra 1R18HS025910-01A1 09/01/2019 Providing Safe Care to Older Hospitalized Patients through Discrete Event Simulation Modeling
ID Serezani, Carlos Henrique 2R01HL124159-06 09/01/2019 Phosphatase and tensin homolog PTEN actions in polymicrobial sepsis
GE Gamazon, Eric 1R35HG010718-01 09/01/2019 Functional Genomics: A Phenome-wide Survey
CA Gupta, Deepak 1R01HL148661-01  09/01/2019 Dietary sodium, inflammation, and salt sensitivity of blood pressure 
CP Diedrich, Andre 1R01HL142583-01A1 09/01/2019 Autonomic Determinants of Postural Tachycardia Syndrome
CA Song, WenLiang 1K08HL145075-01 09/01/2019 Impact of Dysfunctional HDL on Platelet Function and in vivo Thrombosis
CA Moslehi, Javid 1R01HL141466-01A1 08/01/2019 Novel mechanisms and predictors of VEGF receptor inhibitor-associated hypertension
CP Dikalov, Sergey 1R01HL144943-01A1 08/01/2019 Targeting Mitochondrial Cyclophilin D in Vascular Oxidative Stress and Hypertension
GE Davis, Leah K. 1R56MH120736-01 07/20/2019 Mental health and chronic disease: A psycheMERGE investigation into the shared biology underlying psychiatric disorders and their physical comorbidities
NP Robinson-Cohen, Cassianne 1R01DK122075-01 07/16/2019 Investigating causality between abnormalities of mineral metabolism and kidney, cardiovascular and bone disease
GI Coffey, Robert 1UG3CA241685-01 07/15/2019 Uncovering exRNA and protein determinants of secreted vesicle heterogeneity by flow cytometric purification of vesicle subsets from cells and plasma
GI Coffey, Robert 1P50CA236733-01 07/09/2019 Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center SPORE in Gastrointestinal Cancer
EP Zheng, Wei 1R01CA235553-01A1  07/01/2019 Integrating genomic and transcriptomic data to identify breast cancer susceptibility genes
NP Zent, Roy 1R13AR076257-01 07/01/2019 ASMB/Vanderbilt Workshop on Basement Membranes 
GI Wilson, Keith 1R21AI142042-01A1  07/01/2019 The Macrophage Reverse Transsulfuration Pathway: A Novel Mediator of Helicobacter pylori Immunopathogenesis
GI Peek, Rich 2T32DK007673-27 07/01/2019 Training in Gastroenterology

Other AWARDS (New, Competing)



Principal Investigator(s)

Agency Serial

Start Date


American Gastroenterological Association GI Shah, Shailja   04/01/2019 Defining host-specific genetic and non-genetic determinants of Helicobacter pylori eradication failure using a large prospective cohort and genomic biobank
American Gastroenterological Association GI Yachimski, Patrick   04/01/2019 Whipcord Automated Necrosectomy Debridement (WAND) device: prototype development and ex vivo testing
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation HO Mayer, Ingrid A SAC180084 03/01/2019 Large scale profiling of triple-negative breast cancer and implications for clinical outcome
American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy NP Woodard, Lauren E   0/01/2019 Treatment of acute kidney injury via in situ reprogramming
American Cancer Society HO de Cubas, Aguirre A PF-18-183-01-TBG 01/01/2019 Functional genomic interrogation of SETD2
American Heart Association CP Wang, Lili 19POST34380182 01/01/2019 Arrhythmia mechanisms of HCM-linked tropinin T mutations in human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes
American Heart Association CP Van Beusecum, Justin   19POST34380779 01/01/2019 The role of salt and SGK1 on NADPH oxidase stabilization in dendritic cells in hypertension
American Heart Association CA Huang, Jiansheng   19POST34450266 01/01/2019 Role of MDA-HDL in atherosclerosis and effects of scavenging reactive aldehydes on HDL function and atherosclerosis
American Heart Association CA Umbarkar, Prachi   19POST34460025 01/01/2019 Role of GSK3a in regulation of myocardial fibrosis