Updated: 08/28/2021

NIH AWARDS (New, Competing)


Principal Investigator(s)

Agency Serial

Budget Start Date

Project Title

CA Agrawal, Vineet 1K08HL153956-01A1 8/10/2021 A Pathogenic Role for Natriuretic Peptide Receptor-C in Pulmonary Hypertension and Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction
ID Kalams, Spyros A. 2T32AI007474-27A1 08/03/2021 Vanderbilt Infection Pathogenesis and Epidemiology Research Training Program
AP Peebles, Ray Stokes 2U19AI095227-12 08/02/2021 Viral and Host Determinants of Infant and Childhood Allergy and Asthma
GE Lu, Yingchang 1R01HL158884-01 08/01/2021 Genome-wide association study of coronary artery disease in individuals of African ancestry
NP Siew, Edward 1U01DK129989-01 07/19/2021 The Southeastern Acute Kidney Injury (SEAK) Alliance for the COPE-AKI Consortium
ID Ahonkhai, Aimalohi 1R21HD106578-01 07/15/2021 An interactive, narrative intervention to address the mental health treatment gap among young people living with HIV in Nigeria
CP Norlander, Allison Elizabeth 1K99HL159594-01 07/15/2021 PGI2 restrains immunopathogenesis in hypertension
ID McGowan, Catherine C. 2U01AI069923-17 07/01/2021 Caribbean, Central, and South America network for HIV Epidemiology (CCASAnet)
DE Niswender, Kevin D.  2T32DK007061-48 07/01/2021 Research Training in Diabetes and Endocrinology
CA Doran, Amanda C. 1R01HL159487-01 07/01/2021 Critical Mediators of Inflammation Resolution and Immune Memory in Atherosclerosis
ID Wester, C. William 1R01DK127912-01A1 07/01/2021 Etiology of Persistent Microalbuminuria in Nigeria
EP Zheng, Wei 2U01CA202979-06 07/01/2021 Southern Community Cohort Study
RH Bonami, Rachel H. 1R03AI163835-01 06/15/2021 Molecular Characterization of Autoreactive B Cells in Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor-Induced Autoimmune Sicca
CP Shibao, Cyndya Adriana 1R01HL157584-01 06/01/2021 Enhancing parasympathetic activity to reduce vascular oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction
RH Thomas, James W. 2T32AR059039-11 06/01/2021 Interdisciplinary Training in Rheumatic Diseases
CA Gupta, Deepak 1R01HL153607-01A1 05/15/2021 Improving Diagnostic Accuracy for Acute Heart Failure
ID Phillips, Elizabeth 1R13AR078623-01 05/15/2021 Stevens-Johnson syndrome/toxic epidermal necrolysis 2021: Collaboration, Innovation and Community
GI Singh, Bhuminder 1R01CA248505-01A1 05/12/2021 Role of Receptor Tyrosine Kinase cross-talk in colorectal cancer
CP Kirabo, Annet 1R01HL144941-01A1 05/04/2021 Immune Mechanisms of Salt-Sensitive hypertension
AP Wu, Pingsheng 1R21DA052026-01A1 05/01/2021 Electronic cigarette use during pregnancy and the impact on newborn metabolic profile and perinatal health outcomes
AP Cahill, Katherine N, 1U01AI155299-01 05/01/2021 Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Receptor Agonist Treatment in Adult, Obesity-Related, Symptomatic Asthma
AP Kerchberger, Vern Eric 1K01HL157755-01 05/01/2021 Tissue-specific functional genomics in the acute respiratory distress syndrome
CA Moslehi, Javid J. 1R01HL156021-01A1 05/01/2021 Immunologic and Antigenic Drivers of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor-Associated Myocarditis
CA Moslehi, Javid J. 1R01HL155990-01 05/01/2021 Long-Term Cardiovascular Sequelae of Cancer Immunotherapies
DE Stafford, John Michael 2R01DK109102-07 05/01/2021 Therapeutic Potential of Estrogen-Regulated Metabolism and Cardiovascular Risk
ID Aronoff, David M. 1R21HD105304-01 05/01/2021 Clinical trial emulation to assess drug safety in pregnant patients
CP Dikalov, Sergey 1R01HL157583-01 04/29/2021 Sirtuin 3 Inactivation and SOD2 Acetylation in Vascular Dysfunction and Hypertension
ID Cover, Timothy L. 2R01AI118932-07 04/09/2021 Type IV Protein Secretion in Helicobacter pylori
GE Aldrich, Melinda 1R01CA251758-01A1 04/05/2021 Addressing racial disparities in lung cancer screening
AP Newcomb, Dawn C. 2R01HL122554-07A1 04/01/2021 Androgens inhibit IL-33 production and airway inflammation
EP Long, Jirong 1R01CA247987-01A1 04/01/2021 DNA Methylation Markers, Genes and Breast Cancer Risk
GI Obstein, Keith L. 2R01EB018992-05 04/01/2021 A magnetic capsule endoscope for colonoscopy in patients with inflammatory bowel disease
ID Haas, David W. 2R01AI077505-12 04/01/2021 Pharmacogenomics of HIV Therapy
ID Van der Heijden, Yuri F. 1R01AI158605-01 04/01/2021 Poor Treatment Response and Outcomes in Bedaquiline-Based Treatment Regimens for Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis in South Africa
GI Wilson, Keith T. 1R01DK128200-01 03/31/2021 Spermidine as a New Therapy for Colitis and Chemopreventive for Colitis-associated Carcinogenesis
GE Eric R. Gamazon R01GM140287-01 03/01/2021 Haplotype-aware models of gene and isoform expression with application to genetic studies of disease in diverse populations
EP Yu, Danxia 1R01DK126721-01 02/05/2021 The Gut Microbiota in Metabolic Surgery: A Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Omic, Longitudinal Study
CA Aday, Aaron 1K23HL151871-01A1 02/01/2021 The Impact of Thrombosis and Antithrombotic Therapy on Peripheral Artery Disease
CA Brittain, Evan L. 1R01DK124845-01A1 02/01/2021 Effect of PDE5 Inhibition on Adipose Metabolism in Human
CP Kirabo, Annet 1R03HL155041-01 02/01/2021 Deep phenotypic and functional characterization of salt-responsive immune cells in human salt sensitive hypertension using CTE-seq
EP Cai, Qiuyin 1R01CA249863-01A1 01/22/2021 Identification of Genes and DNA Methylation Markers for Lung Cancer Risk by Integrating Multi-omics Data
CA Linton, MacRae 2P01HL116263-06A1 01/15/2021 HDL Function in Human Disease
EP Yang, Yaohua 1K99CA248822-01A1 01/05/2021 Dissecting roles of microbiome-host interactions in colorectal neoplasia etiology using multi-omics data
NP Harris, Raymond C. (Contact); Zhang, Mingzhi 2R01DK051265-25A1 01/01/2021 Mechanisms of EGFR Activation and Signaling in Kidney Disease
AP Maldonado, Fabien 1R01CA253923-01 01/01/2021 Novel Integrative Approach for the Early Detection of Lung Cancer

Other AWARDS (New, Competing)



Principal Investigator(s)

Agency Serial

Start Date


American Gastroenterological Association GI Shah, Shailja   04/01/2019 Defining host-specific genetic and non-genetic determinants of Helicobacter pylori eradication failure using a large prospective cohort and genomic biobank
American Gastroenterological Association GI Yachimski, Patrick   04/01/2019 Whipcord Automated Necrosectomy Debridement (WAND) device: prototype development and ex vivo testing
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation HO Mayer, Ingrid A SAC180084 03/01/2019 Large scale profiling of triple-negative breast cancer and implications for clinical outcome
American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy NP Woodard, Lauren E   0/01/2019 Treatment of acute kidney injury via in situ reprogramming
American Cancer Society HO de Cubas, Aguirre A PF-18-183-01-TBG 01/01/2019 Functional genomic interrogation of SETD2
American Heart Association CP Wang, Lili 19POST34380182 01/01/2019 Arrhythmia mechanisms of HCM-linked tropinin T mutations in human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes
American Heart Association CP Van Beusecum, Justin   19POST34380779 01/01/2019 The role of salt and SGK1 on NADPH oxidase stabilization in dendritic cells in hypertension
American Heart Association CA Huang, Jiansheng   19POST34450266 01/01/2019 Role of MDA-HDL in atherosclerosis and effects of scavenging reactive aldehydes on HDL function and atherosclerosis
American Heart Association CA Umbarkar, Prachi   19POST34460025 01/01/2019 Role of GSK3a in regulation of myocardial fibrosis