Updated: 11/14/2019

NIH AWARDS (New, Competing)


Principal Investigator(s)

Agency Serial

Budget Start Date

Project Title

EP Yang, Gong (contact); Chen, Qingxia 1R01CA237895-01A1 12/01/2019 Time-dependent and bidirectional effect of oxidative stress - a missing piece of the free radical theory of cancer and its potential implications
ID Ahonkhai, Aimalohi 1R21TW011327-01 09/26/2019 PeerNaija: A Mobile Health Platform Incentivizing Medication Adherence Among Youth Living with HIV in Nigeria
DE Gannon, Maureen 1R01DK120626-01A1 09/25/2019 Manipulating islet GPCR activity to promote beta cell proliferation and survival
NP Cavanaugh, Kerri 1U01DK123821-01 09/24/2019 Vanderbilt-West Virginia (VWV) Collaborative: A HOPE Consortium Clinical Center
DE Powers, Al 1U01DK123716-01 09/22/2019 Human Pancreas Analysis Program-T2D
GE Wiesner, Georgia 1U01CA232829-01A1 09/17/2019 Improving identification and healthcare for patients with Inherited Cancer Syndromes: Evidence-based EMR implementation using a web-based computer platform
CP Mosley, Jonathan 1R01GM130791-01A1 09/17/2019 Leveraging common genetic variation to reduce misclassification of non-diseased individuals and unnecessary health care utilization attributable to surrogate biomarkers
DE Blind, Ray 1R21CA243036-01 09/17/2019 A new kinase inhibitor for glioblastoma
GE Below, Jennifer (Piper) 1R01GM133169-01 09/16/2019 Harnessing the power of genetic relatedness for disease gene discovery
NP Wilson, Matt 2R01DK093660-08A1 09/15/2019 Novel cell therapy for sustained therapeutic protein delivery in vivo
NP Breyer, Rich 1R03AG063217-01 09/15/2019 Changes in PGE2 signaling with age: Implications for Alzheimer's Disease
IM Martinez, William 1R18DK123373-01 09/15/2019 Expanding Patient Engagement in Diabetes Care: Patient Portal Innovation
IM Chakkalakal, Rosette 1R01DK120814-01A1 09/15/2019 Putting Telehealth to the Test: An Evaluation of the Use of Telehealth to Increase the Population-Level Impact of an Employer-Based Diabetes Prevention Program
CP Phillips, Elizabeth 1R01HG010863-01 09/13/2019 Genetic risk and long-term outcomes associated with Drug-induced StevensJohnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis in survivors
IM MurffHarvey R01HD098719-01 09/13/2019 Investigating N-3 Fatty Acids to prevent Neonatal Tobacco-related outcomeS (INFANTS)
CP Rendina-Ruedy, Elizabeth 7K01AR072123-03 09/13/2019 Impaired Lipophagy and Lipid Droplet Accumulation in Osteoblasts
HO Hurley, Paula 7R01CA211695-03 09/01/2019 Regulation of Metastatic Development by Heritable Variants in the Tumor Microenvironment
GR Simmons, Sandra 1R18HS025910-01A1 09/01/2019 Providing Safe Care to Older Hospitalized Patients through Discrete Event Simulation Modeling
ID Serezani, Carlos Henrique 2R01HL124159-06 09/01/2019 Phosphatase and tensin homolog PTEN actions in polymicrobial sepsis
GE Gamazon, Eric 1R35HG010718-01 09/01/2019 Functional Genomics: A Phenome-wide Survey
CA Gupta, Deepak 1R01HL148661-01  09/01/2019 Dietary sodium, inflammation, and salt sensitivity of blood pressure 
CP Diedrich, Andre 1R01HL142583-01A1 09/01/2019 Autonomic Determinants of Postural Tachycardia Syndrome
CA Song, WenLiang 1K08HL145075-01 09/01/2019 Impact of Dysfunctional HDL on Platelet Function and in vivo Thrombosis
CA Moslehi, Javid 1R01HL141466-01A1 08/01/2019 Novel mechanisms and predictors of VEGF receptor inhibitor-associated hypertension
CP Dikalov, Sergey 1R01HL144943-01A1 08/01/2019 Targeting Mitochondrial Cyclophilin D in Vascular Oxidative Stress and Hypertension
GE Davis, Leah K. 1R56MH120736-01 07/20/2019 Mental health and chronic disease: A psycheMERGE investigation into the shared biology underlying psychiatric disorders and their physical comorbidities
NP Robinson-Cohen, Cassianne 1R01DK122075-01 07/16/2019 Investigating causality between abnormalities of mineral metabolism and kidney, cardiovascular and bone disease
GI Coffey, Robert 1UG3CA241685-01 07/15/2019 Uncovering exRNA and protein determinants of secreted vesicle heterogeneity by flow cytometric purification of vesicle subsets from cells and plasma
GI Coffey, Robert 1P50CA236733-01 07/09/2019 Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center SPORE in Gastrointestinal Cancer
EP Zheng, Wei 1R01CA235553-01A1  07/01/2019 Integrating genomic and transcriptomic data to identify breast cancer susceptibility genes
NP Zent, Roy 1R13AR076257-01 07/01/2019 ASMB/Vanderbilt Workshop on Basement Membranes 
GI Wilson, Keith 1R21AI142042-01A1  07/01/2019 The Macrophage Reverse Transsulfuration Pathway: A Novel Mediator of Helicobacter pylori Immunopathogenesis
GI Peek, Rich 2T32DK007673-27 07/01/2019 Training in Gastroenterology
ID Sterling, Tim (Contact); ANDRADE, BRUNO DE BEZERRIL; Hawn, Thomas R 1 R01 AI147765-01 06/17/2019 Immunogenetic predictors of active and incipient TB in HIV-negative and -positive close TB contacts
CA Stafford, John 1R01HL144846-01A1 06/15/2019 CETP and Sex-Differences in Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease
AP Peebles, Stokes 1R21AI145397-01 06/01/2019 Host genetics of allergen-induced lung TSLP expression and ILC2 function
CP Stein, Mike 1R35GM131770-01 06/01/2019 Pharmacogenetics to improve drug therapy
CA Nam, Young-Jae 1R01HL146524-01 06/01/2019 Targeting myofibroblasts for heart repair
CP Biaggioni, Italo 1R01HL149386-01 06/01/2019 Sympathetic Mechanisms in the Cardiovascular and Metabolic Alterations of Obesity
AP Hemnes, Anna 1R01HL142720-01A1 05/15/2019 Genomic and Circulating Predictors of PAH response
HO Lovly, Christine 1R01CA227833-01A1 04/19/2019 Mechanistic insights into Variants of Uncertain Significance (VUS) using novel EGFR variants as a paradigm
CA Brittain, Evan (contact); Freiberg, Matthew 1R01HL146588-01 04/15/2019 Clinical, Genetic, and Proteomic Risk Factors for Pulmonary Hypertension in Heart Failure
AP Ely, Wes 1R01AG058639-01A1 04/15/2019 BRAIN-ICU-2 Study: Bringing to Light the Risk Factors And Incidence of Neuropsychological Dysfunction (Dementia) in ICU Survivors, 2nd Study
IM Mayberry, Lindsay 1R01DK119282-01A1 04/15/2019 Mobile Phone Support for Adults and Support Persons to Live Well with Diabetes
IM Tindle, Hilary 1R01CA232516-01A1 04/08/2019 Metabolism Informed Smoking Treatment in Medicaid and Medicare Patients: The MIST RCT
NP Vanacore, Robert 2R01DK099467-07 04/03/2019 The role of lysyl oxidase like-2 in chronic kidney disease
HO Balko, Justin 1R01CA227481-01A1 04/01/2019 (PQ8) Patient- and tumor-specific biomarkers and mechanisms that predict irAEs
resulting from checkpoint inhibition
RH Chung, Cecilia 1R01AR073764-01A1 04/01/2019 Comparative Safety of Pain Medications
EP Shu, Xiang 1K99CA230205-01A1 04/01/2019 Uncovering roles of metabolites in colorectal cancer etiology
NP Brooks, Craig 1R01DK121101-01 04/01/2019 The role of cyclin G1 in chronic kidney disease
CA Ferguson, Jane 1R01HL142856-01A1 04/01/2019 Virtual metabolomics as a discovery tool for novel cardiometabolic disease biology
AP Peebles, Stokes 1R01AI145265-01 03/20/2019 PGI2 augments Treg function
IM Martinez, William 1R03DK119735-01 03/20/2019 Design Sprint and Usability Testing of a Patient-Facing Diabetes Dashboard
Embedded in an Existing Patient Portal Mobile App
ID Celada, Lindsay 1K01HL145338-01 03/15/2019 CD8+ T cell dysfunction promotes sarcoidosis progression
HO Berlin, Jordan 1UG1CA233270-01 03/07/2019 Vanderbilt Network Lead Academic Participating Site for the NCTN
CP Knollmann, Bjorn 1R35HL144980-01 03/06/2019 Toward a Mechanism-Based Approach to Treating Cardiac Arrhythmia
GI Peek, Rich 2P01CA116087-12 03/01/2019 H. pylori-induced Inflammation and Gastric Cancer
GE Below, Jennifer 1R01AG061351-01 03/01/2019 Functional genetic analyses of existing data resources to expand AD gene discovery
ID Kalams, Spyros 1R01AI142095-01 03/01/2019 Single cell molecular analysis of influenza vaccine responses in elderly individuals
AP West, James 2R01HL095797-10 03/01/2019 Interventions Against the Molecular Etiology of BMPR2-induced PAH
AP Wu, Pinghsheng 1R01AI143710-01 02/12/2019 The effectiveness of RSV immunoprophylaxis on the short- and long- term respiratory morbidity in children with Down syndrome
GE Ruderfer, Doug 1R01MH116269-01A1  02/05/2019 2/2 Leveraging electronic health records for pharmacogenomics of psychiatric disorders
GE Southard-Smith, Michelle 1R01DK120025-01  02/01/2019 Serotonin signaling in control of the Lower Urinary Tract
NP Harris, Ray (Contact); Mingzhi Zhang 2R01DK062794-16A1  02/01/2019 The Role of Cyclooxygenase-2 in Salt-Sensitive Hypertension
CP Phillips, Elizabeth 1R13AR074889-01  01/25/2019 Stevens-Johnson Syndrome/Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis 2019: From Science to Translation
RH Aune, Thomas 1R21AI144193-01  01/15/2019 Alu RNAs and double-stranded RNA sensors
EP Shu, XIAO-Ou 1R01CA227133-01A1 01/01/2019 Use of Circulating MicroRNAs for Early Detection and Risk Assessment for Pancreatic Cancer

Other AWARDS (New, Competing)



Principal Investigator(s)

Agency Serial

Start Date


American Gastroenterological Association GI Shah, Shailja   04/01/2019 Defining host-specific genetic and non-genetic determinants of Helicobacter pylori eradication failure using a large prospective cohort and genomic biobank
American Gastroenterological Association GI Yachimski, Patrick   04/01/2019 Whipcord Automated Necrosectomy Debridement (WAND) device: prototype development and ex vivo testing
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation HO Mayer, Ingrid A SAC180084 03/01/2019 Large scale profiling of triple-negative breast cancer and implications for clinical outcome
American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy NP Woodard, Lauren E   0/01/2019 Treatment of acute kidney injury via in situ reprogramming
American Cancer Society HO de Cubas, Aguirre A PF-18-183-01-TBG 01/01/2019 Functional genomic interrogation of SETD2
American Heart Association CP Wang, Lili 19POST34380182 01/01/2019 Arrhythmia mechanisms of HCM-linked tropinin T mutations in human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes
American Heart Association CP Van Beusecum, Justin   19POST34380779 01/01/2019 The role of salt and SGK1 on NADPH oxidase stabilization in dendritic cells in hypertension
American Heart Association CA Huang, Jiansheng   19POST34450266 01/01/2019 Role of MDA-HDL in atherosclerosis and effects of scavenging reactive aldehydes on HDL function and atherosclerosis
American Heart Association CA Umbarkar, Prachi   19POST34460025 01/01/2019 Role of GSK3a in regulation of myocardial fibrosis