1 - Summer Research Training Program in Kidney Disease (SRTP-KD)

2 - The Vanderbilt Mouse Kidney Injury Workshop


The National NIDDK Medical Student Research Symposium. One of the highlights of the summer is the annual NIDDK Medical Student Research Symposium that we organize in conjunction with the Vanderbilt Summer Research Training Program in Diabetes and Obesity. This is a two-day symposium that is held at the end of the summer, with ~120 summer students from 58 medical schools from across the US who participated in NIDDK sponsored summer internship programs across the USA. Six external and 3 internal (Vanderbilt) visiting professors were invited to participate in the Research Symposium in 2015. These physician-scientists provide a role model for a career in research. Most of the visiting professors are from NIH-supported Diabetes Research Centers, and with addition of the SRTP-KD students, we included two professors from the nephrology Division at Vanderbilt and invited an additional professor from an NIH-funded Kidney Disease Research Center. The symposium provides the students with a unique opportunity to interact with medical students from across the country who have shown an interest in NIDDK-related research. This is often the first time many of these students experience a national science forum in which they can interact on a one-to-one basis with invited faculty, present their summer research at moderated poster sessions and learn about career opportunities and science in diverse NIDDK related topics.

4 - Community Outreach

Our goal is:

  • To improve the people at risk or living with kidney disease

Guidelines of Kidney Advisory Group:

  • Be a voice to the community on kidney health
  • Participate in a meeting twice a year
  • Be ready to discuss thoughts on how we can better serve the community on kidney health
  • 15-18 people will be involved to include patients, families and community partners
  • Receive $75 gift card for each meeting recognizing you are a Vanderbilt Center of Kidney Disease Leader
  • Possible term of 1-2 years
  • Meeting will be twice a year, 5:30-7pm at a convenient location
  • Food will be provided during each meeting
  • Learn new cutting-edge information from faculty as they present research and clinical findings                      

Leadership: Kerri Cavanaugh, MD, MHS & TBN patient Family/Partner

Program Manager: Linda Forrest


The VOKC hosts a seminar series as part of the existing Renal Research Seminar Series at Vanderbilt. This seminar series is coordinated by the VOKC co-director, Dr. Ambra Pozzi and has 6-8 slots for invited speakers outside Vanderbilt each year. The seminar series and invited speakers are advertised on the website and provide opportunities for face-to-face discussions, initiation of collaborations and planning of future experiments. In addition to the regular seminar series, the VOKC education program has organized combined semi-annual retreats with the University of Alabama Nephrology O’Brien Center. This format of a combined scientific retreat involving two scientifically and nearby O’Brien Center programs has been extremely successful, and has spurred a number of collaborative efforts between the institutions. We believe these retreats provide an example for how scientific interactions can be engendered among O’Brien Kidney Center programs that form natural geographic clusters.