Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine
IM Fall Leadership Assembly 2018
IM Primary Care North
"Dr. Tom Elasy"
Tom Elasy, MD, MPH

The Division of General Internal Medicine and Public Health is committed to caring well for those who entrust their care to us and to improving community health. A large and diverse Division within the Department of Medicine, we are aligned along ten Sections that include Ambulatory Medicine, Hospital Medicine, Medicine-Pediatrics, Palliative Care, Occupational Health, Student Health, Veterans' Health, Concierge and Executive Health, Walk-in-Clinics, and Professional Health and Wellness. Collectively the sections support our tripartite pursuit of compassionate, patient-centered health care, rigorous training of the next generation of physicians and impactful discoveries. Two cores, Administration & Finance and Enrichment & Training support all ten Sections. Over 290 faculty members care for a large patient base, play an essential role in the training of new physicians and comprise a robust research portfolio.

The Division is led by Tom Elasy, MD, MPH. On behalf of our entire faculty, welcome to the Division of General Internal Medicine and Public Health.

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To the VUMC Division of General Internal Medicine and Public Health

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