VDDC Clinic Lobby

GI clinical service consists of one GI faculty member (the attending), GI fellows (one or two) and a medical resident. There are 10 GI fellows. Duties include inpatient consultation service (8-10 consults/day), endoscopy, and outpatient clinics.

Liver transplant program established in 1991. Four hepatologists and 3 liver transplant surgeons are involved. Transplant service consists of one attending hepatologist, one GI fellow, and the surgical team. There is an active VA component to the transplant program.

  • 650 bed hospital and active primary care and tertiary referral components
  • GI facility with 7 endoscopy rooms, one fluoroscopy room for ERCP, 14 intake and  recovery rooms, and 11 outpatient clinic rooms
  • Outpatient clinics held 10 half-days per week (by 12 different faculty members) and include 200 new patient visits per week
  • GI endoscopy facility averages 900 procedures per month

VA Tennessee Valley Healthcare System: Veterans Administration Hospital

The VA is a 250 bed hospital serving Middle Tennessee, Western Kentucky, and Northern Alabama. GI endoscopy facility with recovery area. Cases requiring fluoroscopy (ERCP, esophageal dilatation) are performed in our Radiology Department. This facility is one of four VA Hospitals with a Liver Transplant Service. Outpatient GI clinics held 7 half-days per week (NP and fellows). One fellow does one day of Liver Transplant clinic weekly. GI endoscopy facility averages 300-400 procedures per month.Clinical service consists of one GI faculty member (the attending), GI fellows (Three), and a medical resident. Duties include inpatient consultations (4-6 consults/day) and endoscopy. Clinical faculty participate in endoscopic instruction for fellows.Procedures include upper and lower endoscopy as well as ERCP and EUS.