Since its inception, the foundation of the Gastroenterology Division at Vanderbilt has been grounded in basic investigation as well as clinical research. The GI Division has a major commitment to laboratory research as well as clinical trials. We have seven faculty members who lead independent laboratories in bench investigations. Our investigators at Vanderbilt are drawn from a variety of disciplines, including GI, microbiology and immunology, infectious diseases, cancer biology, and cell and developmental biopsy. There are trainees of various disciplines in the labs.


The Division has core facilities for tissue culture, centrifugation, scintillation counting, cold work, and darkroom work. A vast majority of the research is in molecular or cellular studies. To complement the bench-oriented research component of the GI Division, cadres of Clinical Investigators augment the research opportunities and endeavors of the GI Faculty. Interfacing basic investigation with a clinical investigation is a goal of the Division.