Fellowship Conferences have been designed to comprehensively address the biology and natural history of cancer, patient management, and research ethics. Many conferences are available within the division, hospital and cancer center. Fellows are encouraged to take advantage of these conferences. Fellows are required to submit a research abstract, author a manuscript or write a protocol during their fellowship. Fellows will have the opportunity to attend at least one national meeting in hematology or oncology during their fellowship period. 

Core Curriculum Conference:

The fellows Core Curriculum Conferences is held weekly on Tuesday afternoons. This is a core lecture series that focuses on interactive faculty presentations covering multiple topics including all malignancies by organ site and hematologic malignancies.

Division Case Management Conference:

This conference, held weekly on Friday mornings, aims to discuss the core elements of the practice of hematology and oncology. Fellows take turns presenting cases and focus on diagnosis, workup and management. Faculty are highly encouraged to attend for input and discussion at the conference.

Benign Hematology Conference:

The Benign Hematology Conference meets weekly on Fridays and covers all topics related to benign hematology. Fellows and faculty rotate presenting core lectures and cases for discussion.

Journal Club:

The Fellows Journal Club assigns one fellow per conference to review and present a journal article focusing on clinical trial design, statistical evaluation, and content fields.

Board Review Conference:

The Board Review Conference began in July 2016 as an additional study resource for in-service training and board exams. Fellows review hematology/oncology questions using question banks with a faculty expert available for guidance.

Chat & Chow:

The Hematology/Oncology Fellowship schedules a monthly lunch meeting with the Program Directors and Fellows to maintain open communication and contact.