Physicians in the Section of Hospital Medicine provide clinical services at four adult hospitals on the Vanderbilt University Medical Center campus.  The diversity of clinical work allows faculty members in the Section a great deal of flexibility with regard to scheduling, pursuit of their clinical interests, and development of expertise in a number of areas relevant to inpatient and consultative medicine.

Vanderbilt University Adult Hospital (VUAH)

Interdisciplinary Care (VICP)

Physician Lead:  Francis Balucan, MD, MBA, FACP

APP Lead, Taina Ovchinnikov, FNP


The Vanderbilt Interdisciplinary Care Program (VICP) is a team of physicians, advanced practice providers, case managers, social workers, pharmacists, and nurses whose goal is to provide care for patients that have an established pattern of increasing healthcare utilization. The goal is to provide and coordinate care within both the inpatient and outpatient settings with a desire to improve health outcomes for this population. By routinely assessing environmental, behavioral, emotional, physical, functional and medical needs using standardized tools, the healthcare team will uncover potential barriers to achieving optimal healthcare outcomes.  More detailed information here:

General Medicine Teaching Service (Morgan)

The General Medicine housestaff services at VUAH are known as the Morgan services, named after Dr. Hugh Jackson Morgan, who served as Chair of the Department of Medicine at from 1935-1959. Hospitalists staff three of the six general medicine teams, working alongside residents, interns, and medical students to care for a variety of medically complex patients.

General Medicine Direct Care Hospitalist Services

Physician Lead, Observation Service: Elizabeth Rice, MD, SFHM

APP Lead, Observation Service: Maggie Laxton, PA-C

Physician Lead, Night Services: Nathan Krishnan, MD

APP Lead, Scoville Service: Kate Corbin, PA-C

The direct care hospitalist services at Vanderbilt University Adult Hospital include several teams of physicians and advanced practice providers (APPs) working in concert to provide care for a significant number of medicine patients. The Riven services, named after Dr. Samuel Riven, a prominent cardiologist who served on the Vanderbilt faculty for over 50 years, are our flagship hospital medicine teams. Riven is supported during the day by our daytime Admitter, which allows the rounding teams to focus on advancing the care plan and discharging patients. There is also an Observation Service, which consists of two teams staffed by APPs caring for patients hospitalized under observation status. All of our hospital medicine direct care teams have robust admission and cross-cover support during evening and overnight shifts. Our Scoville team (named after Dr. Addison Scoville, a Vanderbilt physician known for his career in diabetes care) consists of a talented group of APPs who address everything from emergent needs to follow-up tasks for our Riven, Observation, Geriatrics, Hospital at Home, VFF, and Palliative Care patients. Nighttime admissions to these services are performed by hospitalist attendings and moonlighters who staff our nocturnist shifts.

Internal Medicine Consult Service

Physician Lead: Elizabeth Rice, MD, SFHM

Since 2003, the Internal Medicine Consult Service has assisted our surgical and medicine subspecialty colleagues by providing comprehensive internal medicine care for their hospitalized patients at Vanderbilt University Hospital. Our physicians aid with evaluation of acute medical issues, management of perioperative care, and ongoing treatment of chronic medical problems. The Medicine Consult Service also provides consultation for patients hospitalized at Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital who have minor acute medical needs. In addition to providing bedside evaluation and treatment, we teach residents interested in learning more about consultative medicine via an elective rotation in general internal medicine consultation.

Hospital at Home Program

Physician Lead: Michelle Lewis, MD

APP Lead: Kristina Crocker, FNP-BC

Hospital at Home is an innovative program that delivers hospital level care in the comfort of the patient’s own home. This program is well established at other large institutions and has been shown to reduce mortality, readmission rates and cost when compared to a traditional inpatient model.  While this program provides direct benefits to patient care, it can also potentially assist in preserving hospital bed capacity by offloading certain patients who can safely be cared for in the home setting.

Patients in the ED or inpatient services can be admitted to Hospital at Home after being evaluated by the Hospital at Home clinical team. If eligible, the patient can be transferred home while receiving similar acute care services as he or she would in the hospital. Services provided include phlebotomy, IV medications, continuous remote monitoring of vitals, nursing visits (twice daily), provider visits (daily), and certain specialty consults over telehealth.

Acute Care of the Elderly 

Physician Lead: Kate Wooldridge, MD, MPH, SFHM

The Hospital Medicine Acute Care of the Elderly (ACE) team is an interdisciplinary team of physicians, advanced practice providers, case managers, social workers, pharmacists, and nurses whose goal is to provide exceptional clinical care to adults over age 75. We align our practice with the social movement model for age-friendly health systems set out by the John A. Hartford Foundation (JAHF) and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) known as the 4Ms. This movement emphasizes an essential set of evidence-based practices focusing on the following tenets: What Matters Most, Medications, Mentation, and Mobility. Using this guide in collaboration with our colleagues from the Division of Geriatrics and the nurses of the ACE unit (7th floor Round Wing nursing unit), we strive to optimize the health and care of our hospitalized older adults.

Bedside Procedure Service

Physician Lead: L. Tyson Heller, MD

The Bedside Procedure Service was founded in 2016 to help meet the bedside procedural needs of Vanderbilt University Hospital patients. The service has grown from a group of 6 hospitalists completing ~150 procedures in its first pilot year to a team of 16 highly trained faculty performing over 2,300 procedures yearly. The service currently offers paracentesis, thoracentesis, lumbar puncture, arthrocentesis, central line placement, ultrasound-guided IV placement, NG tube placement, as well as the removal of various medical support devices upon request. The service can be consulted by any team hospital-wide, and we are ready to respond with a portable ultrasound machine and supply cart to perform the requested procedure at the bedside. We are proud to have internal medicine residents who rotate on the team with us, and we look forward to expanding our program to include not just procedures, but also a myriad of diagnostic point-of-care ultrasound skills in the near future. 

Vanderbilt Stallworth Complex Medical and Co-Management Program 

Stallworth Hospitalist Services

Physician Lead: Angela Horton, MD, MPH

Vanderbilt Stallworth Rehabilitation Hospital is an 80-bed acute rehabilitation hospital where Vanderbilt hospitalists staff 2 key services: Complex Medical Program and Co-Management Program. 

In the Complex Medical Program, our hospitalists serve as the primary rehabilitation physicians for patients who have undergone solid organ transplant, hematopoietic cell transplant, ventricular assist device placement or who have other complex medical conditions and need acute inpatient rehabilitation before transitioning to the outpatient setting. We provide an interdisciplinary approach to patient care that involves pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, case management, nursing, and psychology.  

With the Co-Management Program, our hospitalists provide Internal Medicine consultation for the patients on the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation teams. The hospitalists in this program manage the co-morbid medical conditions of patients needing inpatient rehabilitation after hospitalization for Stroke, Cardiac Conditions (CAD s/p CABG or TAVR), Amputation, Polytrauma, Traumatic Brain Injury, or Spinal Cord Injury.    

Tennessee Valley Healthcare System - Nashville VA

VA Hospitalist Services

Physician Lead: Derek Pae, MD (Service Chief, VA Hospital Medicine)

We currently have 15 Vanderbilt Hospital Medicine faculty who are credentialed at the VA Medical Center, which is located within walking distance of Vanderbilt University Hospital. We help care for our veterans across multiple service lines, including the general medicine teaching wards, the consultation/co-management services, the physician utilization management (PUMA) service, and the nocturnist service. 

  • Of the six general medicine teaching teams, hospitalists attend on two of them as well as a third team part of the year. Due to such a large clinical footprint, our faculty have significant opportunity for teaching at the resident, intern, and medical student levels. 
  • Our consult/co-management service works closely with psychiatry to staff the combined medical/psychiatric unit and provides medical consultation for our surgical colleagues caring for patients outside of the ICU.
  • The PUMA service facilitates efficient delivery of medical care, runs afternoon huddles between multiple support services and our residents, and has a direct line to the Executive Leadership Team of the hospital system to help expedite complex discharges. 
  • Our nocturnist service is our newest service line, created to fit the needs the hospital and our veterans. The VA night attending provides case-based teaching to the medicine house staff, with topics such as diagnostic uncertainty on admission and instruction on how to take an interhospital transfer call through our innovative Interhospital Transfer Learning Curriculum, which was started in August 2021. 

Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital

  • Medicine consult service: provide general medicine consultative services for patients receiving inpatient psychiatric treatment