We are pleased to offer residents from internal medicine, pediatrics, and combined internal medicine-pediatrics a two- to four-week outpatient elective in Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

The elective is based at the Vanderbilt Allergy and Immunology clinic located on Vanderbilt’s medical campus. As both a general Allergy clinic and a tertiary referral center attracting patients from seven states, the Vanderbilt A/I patient population includes common asthma and allergic rhinitis as well as rare immunodeficiencies. Rotators will therefore see a broad range of allergic and immunologic conditions during the elective. Along the way, they will gain experience with procedures including allergy skin testing, lung function testing, specialized drug allergy evaluations, and patch testing for contact dermatitis. Rotating residents are also invited to join all academic conferences held by the Allergy/Immunology section during their elective.

This elective experience is open for enrollment to Vanderbilt residents. We also consider applications from residents at outside training institutions on a case-by-case basis. Trainees from non-Vanderbilt University programs may contact Mr. Michael Beasley, Allergy and Immunology Fellowship Program Coordinator, to request information on how to apply.

Basil Kahwash, MD
Director of Resident Education