Welcome to the Internal Medicine - Pediatrics Residency Program at Vanderbilt University Medical Center!

The Internal Medicine - Pediatrics (Med-Peds) Program at Vanderbilt University Medical Center provides post-graduate residency training to create exceptional generalists to care of adults and children with a wide range of health care needs.  From this generalist training, a resident may choose to practice as an outpatient generalist (primary care) or inpatient generalist (med-peds hospitalist), or they may choose to sub-specialize such as in cardiology, or infectious diseases, or pulmonary medicine to care for patients across the age spectrum with a focused spectrum of problems providing specific expertise. Our program provides a wide breadth of clinical experience with both children and adults so that our residents graduate prepared to handle most any clinical scenario.

The Vanderbilt Med-Peds Program consists of 24 residents and 15 med-peds faculty members who are double-boarded in both internal medicine and pediatrics. The med-peds faculty are all highly invested in the residents’ success and they all function as mentors and coaches for the residents’ professional development.  The residents rotate 24 months in pediatrics and 24 months in internal medicine over a 48 month residency.  The inpatient clinical opportunities occur within Vanderbilt University Hospital, Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and the Nashville Veterans Administration Hospital - all conveniently located on one campus here in Nashville, Tennessee.

The med-peds resident and faculty all practice in the same location for their primary care clinics.  The med-peds faculty clinic and the med-peds resident clinic are both at the Vanderbilt One Hundred Oaks (OHO) location just a few miles from main campus at the primary care OHO North location. We practice side by side with in the same clinic space and the same warm supportive clinical staff who are all committed to providing exceptional care to adults, children and families. The primary goal of the med-peds clinic is to foster compassionate delivery of health care, patient advocacy, and scholarship to improve the health of the community.

  • We hope to describe our goals and aspirations clearly in our mission statement.
  • We hope to introduce ourselves to you with our profiles of our residents and faculty.
  • We have outlined our curriculum and conference opportunities.
  • And there is a welcome message and introduction from our program director, Dr. Sandra Moutsios.
  • We have added some resources for students such as links to needed medicine, pediatrics and med-peds sites, and contact information about applying to our program.
  • We are pleased you are interested in med-peds and hope to assist you with providing information about our program as well as about med-peds as a training opportunity. Please contact us if you have further questions. Read on!


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Med-Peds Applicants - Additional Resources:

The National Med-Peds Resident Association (NMPRA) - has their own web site.

NMPRA is a resident designed, resident created and resident led organization for the purpose of supporting all things med-peds.  For students interested in med-peds for the 2022-2023 application season - please see the resources on the NMPRA web site for student this year. They include a webinar series on interviewing in med-peds, and a webinar series to meet the PDs in med-peds from all the programs across the country.

NMPRA Resources for Students