Division researchers and clinicians are at the forefront of cancer research and treatment and provide the highest quality medical care available today. Following is a synopsis that reflects some of the major research areas of our faculty.

  • Oncogenes and growth factor receptors in the pathogenesis of breast cancer; receptor tyrosine kinases as targets for antitumor therapy; molecular therapeutics in breast carcinoma.
  • Molecular genetics of human solid tumors and the translation of these findings into clinical application
  • Molecular fingerprinting of solid and hematologic malignancies using cDNA microarrays and MALDI-MS technologies.
  • Cancer drug pharmacology.
  • Study of leukemogenesis.
  • Retroviral mediated gene transfer into hematopoietic stem cells; development of lentiviral vectors to achieve increased transduction of nondividing target cells.
  • New drug development (Phase I and Phase II).
  • Clinical translational research programs exist in multiple diseases including thoracic, breast, GI, GU, H&N and hematologic malignancies.