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"Med Peds Jeopardy"
Med-Peds Jeopardy

In addition to the plethora of wonderful internal medicine conferences and pediatric conferences offered at Vanderbilt, the Med-Peds residents  have a weekly Med-Peds Conference. This conference is  specifically designed for (and by) the Med-Peds house staff.  These conferences are held on Thursdays from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m.  The content and format of the Thursday conferences vary by the Thursday of the month (see below) and lunch is provided.  Attendance is required.  In addition to learning, the conferences allow us some time to be together, every week! 

Our med-peds conference series:

Clinical Master's Conference

This is flagship conference for the Med-Peds group and one of the most popular conferences in the medical center.  The Clinical Master's Conference was started as a resident initiative back in 1993.  It has evolved over the past few years into its present format.  Speakers are selected from all the Vanderbilt faculty by the med-peds residents and are widely known for their teaching excellence and enthusiasm. There is a rotating "theme" of the month, so that we cover each specialty throughout the year (e.g., cardiology, infectious diseases, etc.)  We ask these highly respected teachers to present cases as a way to teach about their favorite topics.  Think of the conference as a sort of "brain biopsy" to learn how these clinical masters think through cases.  This conference is extremely popular! Drs. Moutsios is the preceptor for this conference.

Critically Appraised Topic (CAT) Conference

The  CAT Conference is an evidence-based medicine conference where upper level Med-Peds residents (PGY2-4s) take turns critically appraising the evidence that exists for why we practice the way we do.  Outpatient topics are encouraged, but any topics pertinent to the practice of internal medicine or pediatrics is acceptable.  Often these are question we encouter in our med-peds continuity clinics where we are unsure of the evidence on a common questions patients ask. Drs. Rothman and Roumie serves as the faculty preceptor for the CAT conference.

Residents as Teachers and Scholars Conference

This conference began when the med-peds residents asked for more opportunities to teach and to have some support and mentoring for their teaching. Our residents also wanted to have opportunities for scholarship and this conference provides as avenue for those activities as well.  This conference can be a resident discussing an interesting case from clinic as a "morning report" style case and then discussion on what they learned. It has also recently evolved to be a format where residents can present to each other and to our faculty their research, their community service initiatives or clinical vingnettes or poster presentations they have prepared for regional or national academic meetings.  The faculty support for this conference include the entire med-peds section faculty, and often is a residents clinic preceptor since they work together weekly.

Quality Improvement (QI) Conference
(our Practice-Based Learning and Improvement (PBLI) Conference)

Each month, we take time to work on improving our clinical practice in the inpatient and outpatient setting. Residents learn tools and methods for improving the quality of their own care delivery to their clinic patients. They use a high powered search tool within our own EMR(electronic medical record) called "STAR tracker" to query their own patient panels. They can identify their own cohort of patient with diabetes or with asthma, for instance, and ask who has had or not had a HbA1C within the past 3 months, or who has not had a pneumovax? They can then use our EMR to request these services for those patients in need and survey the impact of these actions within the next several weeks to months.  All the residents also use the Institute of Medicine's health care matrix (which intersects the IOM's AIMs with the ACGME's core competencies) to look at a sentinel event in the inpatient or outpatient setting and with this self reflective exercise learn tools for how to best prevent medical errors.

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