Each year members of the Division compete to see whose name will be inscribed onto the coveted trophy.

The annual winner will have their name added to the Division trophy, and can keep the trophy on their desk or in the Division office lobby area for the upcoming year.

Need More Details? Email annette.oeser@vumc.org 

Passing of the Division Trophy

2019 Winner - Bret Sohn


Bobo Tanner presents the trophy to RH fellow Bret Sohn for 2019. 


2018 Winner - Bobo Tanner

Annette Oeser presents the Division of Rheumatology March Madness trophy to Bobo Tanner for his 2018 win, marking his second straight victory.  Tune in next year to see if he makes it a Three-peat!



2017 Winner - Bobo Tanner

2016 Winner - Howard Fuchs

2015 Winner - Ami Joglekar

2014 Winner - Leslie Crofford