Paul Harris, Ph.D. and Shari Barkin, MD., MSHS.

VUMC to support $170 million NIH nutrition research initiative.


Wei-Qi Wei, MD., Ph.D.
New method enhances efforts t identify drug repurposing targets.


The International Society of Hypertension Podcast | Podcast on Spotify

International Society of Hypertension - Interview with Dr Annet Kirabo - The International Society of Hypertension Podcast | Podcast on Spotify


C. Michael Stein, MBChB. and Dan Roden, MD. 

Five from VUMC among most highly cited researchers

Five from VUMC among most highly cited researchers | VUMC Reporter | Vanderbilt University


Cyndya Shibao, MD., MSCI.

Dr. Shibao and teams manuscript about the new disease they discovered was featured in Discover, the online Vanderbilt. 

Familial Autonomic Ganglionopathy- A New Genetic Disease.


Cecilia I. Chung, MD., MPH

Received the 2022 ASCPT Award

The ASCPT Awards have a rich history of recognizing excellence in the fields of clinical pharmacology and translational science. The 2022 recipients, who were selected from a robust slate of exceptional candidates, demonstrate devotion that drives innovation and achievement for the benefit of patients and society. Please join us in congratulating them.


Italo Biaggioni, MD.

Italo Biaggioni, MD, professor of Medicine and Pharmacology, has been selected as a Distinguished Scientist of the American Heart Association (AHA) for his contributions to cardiovascular and stroke research.


VUMC Team Discovers New Genetic Disease


Matt Alexander MD., PhD.

Winner of the ASCI Young Physician-Scientist Award

Matthew Alexander, MD, PhD, assistant professor of Medicine in the Divisions of Clinical Pharmacology and Cardiovascular Medicine, who is studying the role of counter-regulatory immune mechanisms in the pathogenesis of hypertension and related end-organ damage.


Alexander G. Bick, MD., PhD.

Winner of the ASCI Young Physician-Scientist Award

Alexander Bick, MD, PhD, assistant professor of Medicine in the Division of Genetic Medicine, who is researching the causes and consequences of clonal hematopoiesis, age-related acquisition of somatic mutations in blood stem cells that are a root cause of multiple diseases of aging, including blood cancer and heart disease.


Patricia Wright, RN

  • Kudos to Patricia Wright and a Christmas miracle.


Cyndya Shibao, M.D., M.S.C.I., F.A.H.A.


Annet Kirabo, D.V.M., Ph.D.Kirabo_Annet_2018-08-03_14-32-32_8-8-2017.jpg

  • Wayne Birch, science teacher at Nashville Big Picture High School wins a National Professional Development Fellowship from the American Physiological Society (APS). Mr. Birch hails from Hermitage, TN, and will be working in the laboratory of Dr. Annet Kirabo, Ph.D. an APS member and a professor in the Division of Clinical Pharmacology. | June, 2018

Alan R. Brash, Ph.D.

  • Delivered the 11th Lands Lecture (named for W.E.M. (Bill) Lands, of "The Lands Cycle", the phospholipid remodeling pathway) at the University of Michigan, October 2015. "The Critical Role of Linoleic Acid in the Mammalian Epidermal Barrier"

Björn C. Knollmann, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Appointed Director of the new Vanderbilt Center for Arrhythmia Research and Therapeutics
  • Chair of 2016 Gordon Conference on Cardiac Regulatory Mechanisms, which is one of the oldest and most prestigious Gordon Conferences
  • Editorial Board membership for Circulation Research and Heart Rhythm Journal
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Physiology
  • Editor of the 13th edition of Goodman and Gilman’s Textbook of Pharmacology, which will be published in late 2016 or early 2017

Fernando Elijovich, M.D.

  • Appointed AHA Vice Chairman – Writing Group – Scientific Statement on Salt Sensitivity of Blood Pressure.

Jose A. Gomez, Ph.D.

  • VUMC Faculty Research Scholars Career Development Award

Cheryl L. Laffer, M.D., Ph.D.

  • Appointed AHA  Chairman – Writing Group – Scientific Statement on Salt Sensitivity of Blood Pressure.
  • Physician Leader, VMG Blood Pressure Monitoring Improvement Initiative

Dan M. Roden, M.D.

  • Led the renewal for Pharmacology Genetics Research Network site grant (with Elizabeth Phillips and Josh Denny)
  • Led the renewal for the Electronic Medical Records and Genomics Network grant (with Josh Denny)
  • Appointed to the Department of Veterans Affairs Genomic Medicine Program Advisory Committee
  • Member of the National Human Genome Research Institute national advisory council
  • Member of the FDA Science Board
  • Member of the Science and Industry Advisory Committee for Genome Canada
  • Member of the International Scientific Advisory Board for Biobank UK


MeenaMadhur speaker for ATVB 2016.jpg

 Meenakshi Madhur, M.D.

Speaker during Concurrent Session I C: Translation Science of Vascular Medicine: Vascular Dysfunction

Thursday May 5, 2016 at the during the American Heart Association's Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology (ATVB) Sessions  held here at the Omni Hotel.

Photo by © AHA/Matt Herp 2016


  • Florent Elefteriou, Ph.D. -  International Bone and Mineral Society Herbert Fleisch Award (2015): outstanding achievements by a member of the IBMS aged 45yrs or younger. 2015
  • L. Jackson Roberts II, M.D., is the recipient of the 2015 Pharmacia-ASPET Award for Experimental Therapeutics from the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET).
  • Meena S. Madhur, M.D., Ph.D., FACC 2015
    • Appointed as "Fellow" of the American College of Cardiology (FACC status)
    • Awarded a Gilead Sciences Research Scholars Program in Cardiovascular Disease Award 
    • Received an American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI) Young Physician-Scientist Award as well as winner of the ASCI/YPSA poster award
  • Katherine T. Murray, M.D. – was awarded Vanderbilt Postdoctoral Association Mentor of the Year award May 2015
  • Cheryl L. Laffer, M.D., Ph.D. - Chair of the writing committee for a Scientific Statement on Salt Sensitivity of Blood Pressure for the American Heart Association, Council on Hypertension 2015
  • Fernando Elijovich, M.D. – Co- Chair of the writing committee for a Scientific Statement on Salt Sensitivity of Blood Pressure for the American Heart Association, Council on Hypertension  2015
  • John G. Benitez, M.D. - President Elect, Tennessee College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2015
  • Satish Raj, M.D. - Received Dysautonomia International Physician of the Year in July 2014.
  • Leon Darghosian, M.D.  has been selected as a recipient of the American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Presidential Trainee Award, March 6, 2013
  • Jorge Gamboa, M.D., has been named the Jason D. Morrow Cheif Fellow for 2012-2013
  • Two of our Faculty have been named to endowed chairs:  2012

L. Jackson Roberts II, M.D. the William Stokes Chair in Experimental Therapeutics


David G. Harrison, M.D., the Betty and Jack Bailey Chair in Cardiology

  • Lilu Guo, Ph.D., Research Fellow (Davies Lab) received a 2011 Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine Mini-Fellowship Award
  • Sara Van Driest, M.D., has been named the  Jason D. Morrow Clinical Pharmacology Chief Fellow for 2011-2012.
  • John Oates, M.D., Thomas A. Frist Sr. Professor of Medicine and professor of Pharmacology, received the 2010 Novartis Award for Hypertension Research from the AHA's Council for High Blood Pressure Research.  This is the highest award given for research related to Hypertension.
  • John Oates, M.D., was named the winner of the 2010 Sutherland Prize for achievement in research.
  • David G. Harrison, M.D., received the 2010 Distinguished Scientist Award at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association (AHA).  This award is the highest honor given to a cardiovascular investigator for extraordinary contributions to the understanding and treatment of cardiovascular disease.
  • Björn C. Knollmann, M.D., Ph.D. was elected into the American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI).
  • Björn C. Knollmann, M.D., Ph.D. received the 2010 Chancellors' Award for Research for his paper in Nature Medicine entitled, "Flecainide prevents catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia in mice and humans." Catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia is a cardiac arrhythmia that can lead to sudden death.