Research Instructor in Medicine
Clinical Pharmacology

Research Instructor in Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology

Professional Bio

Daniel Blackwell, PhD, joined Vanderbilt University Medical Center in 2022 as a Research Instructor in the Division of Clinical Pharmacology in the Department of Medicine. He earned his PhD from Loyola University Chicago where he studied molecular mechanisms of intracellular calcium regulation; he carried out his postdoctoral fellowship in the laboratory of Dr. Bjorn Knollmann at VUMC. Dr. Blackwell’s research interests include mechanisms of altered calcium handling in the heart during disease, in vivo arrhythmia models of cardiac disease, and investigating pharmacological intervention to find new antiarrhythmics. Dr. Blackwell has worked with several cellular and mouse models of inherited arrhythmias to explore pathogenic mechanisms of arrhythmogenesis. He has helped identify a novel synthetic cyclic depsipeptide with a unique antiarrhythmic mechanism and ongoing work is examining its pharmacological and pharmacodynamic properties.


PhD - Cell and Molecular Physiology - Loyola University Chicago - 2006
Fellowship - Clinical Pharmacology - Vanderbilt University Medical Center - 2022