Office Address:
1161 21st Avenue South, Medical Center North, Room / Suite A2200, Nashville, TN, TN 37232-2582, Phone 615-322-2035

Director, Division of Infectious Diseases

Professor of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases

Addison B. Scoville Jr. Chair in Medicine

Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Professor of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology

Professor of Medicine, Health, & Society

Research Description

The overarching goal of the Aronoff lab is to improve human health through discovery, with a primary interest on maternal-child wellness. The Aronoff lab studies reproductive immunology with a focus on bacterial infections that complicate pregnancy. These infections include perinatal streptococcal infections and postpartum clostridial infections. Our major interest is revealing root molecular mechanisms whereby bacterial pathogens evade innate immunity within the female reproductive tract. We also study the impact of metabolic stressors such as obesity and diabetes on reproductive immunology and placental function. Our work with toxigenic clostridia has extended to non-reproductive tract infections, such as colitis caused by Clostridium diffficile. Members of our lab engage in a range of research approaches, from purely bench science to translational science to purely clinical research. We value interdisciplinary team science.

Research Keywords

Reproductive health, DOHaD (Developmental Origins of Health and Disease), aerobic and anaerobic bacterial pathogenesis, and innate immunity


MD - Tufts University
BS - Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 1987-1991
BS - University of Kent, United Kingdom 1989-1990
Honors and Awards