Associate Professor of Medicine
General Internal Medicine and Public Health

Section Chief, Section of Hospital Medicine

Professional Bio

Eduard E. Vasilevskis, MD, MPH, is a clinician-educator hospitalist and an Associate Professor of Medicine in the Section of Hospital Medicine and Division of General Internal Medicine and Public Health at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  

Since his arrival at Vanderbilt and the VA Tennessee Valley GRECC in 2008, Dr. Vasilevskis' primary scientific interest has been measuring and improving the quality of care for older hospitalized patients. This work has surrounded three primary areas: Delirium, transitions of care to post-acute care settings, and polyphmaracy.  Dr. Vasilevskis' NIA-funded career-development research helped to validate clinical measures of delirium and sedation, develop new daily risk models (The Acute Brain Dysfunction prediction model), and design and implement new models for delirium prevention (ABCDEF bundle) that have been instrumental in improving the recognition, prediction, and ultimately reduction in the number of delirious days among older hospitalized patients.

Dr. Vasilevskis has collaborated with Vanderbilt's Center for Quality of Aging at Vanderbilt and the multi-institution Hospital Medicine Reengineering Network (HOMERUN) to describe and develop new care models to improve care transitions of older adults. His recent research (NCT02979353) has tested a patient-centered intervention to reduce medications among older patients experiencing polypharmacy and requiring ongoing post-acute care.

Dr. Vasilevskis is a Fellow within the Society of Hospital Medicine, has served on the editorial board of the Journal of Hospital Medicine, and is a current member of the Society of General Internal Medicine's Academic Hospitalist Commission.  He previously served as the Internal Medicine Clerkship Director for nine graduating classes and currently leads a course on Measurement and Analysis in Healthcare Improvement for the Masters in Public Health Program.

Dr. Vasilevskis has served as the Section Chief for Hospital Medicine since 2015, a team that currently has 100 faculty and staff who serve patients in three hospitals and has implemented numerous innovative patient care services (procedure team, primary hospitalist provider team, geriatrics team, and more).  Dr. Vasilevskis currently practices on the general medical inpatient services at the Tennessee Valley VA as well as Vanderbilt University Medical Center.


MD - Oregon Health Sci Univ - 2001
Internship - Medicine - UCSF - 2002
Residency - UCSF - 2004
Residency - Chief Resident - UCSF - 2005
Fellowship - Int of Health Policy - UCSF - 2006
Fellowship - GIM - UCSF - 2008
MPH - Vanderbilt University - 2013