San Juan, Puerto Rico
Career Plans
Medical Education, Hepatology, Management of Chronic Inflammatory Processes
Eli grew up on Isla Verde beach near San Juan, Puerto Rico, where he developed a passion for sports, learning, and the kind treatment of others. He moved to New York to obtain his BA (Comparative Religions and Psychology) from CUNY Hunter. Two weeks after graduation, Eli chose to study medicine and returned to Puerto Rico to complete his post-baccalaureate requirements and attend medical school. Following Hurricane Maria, Eli volunteered medical services across the island, and soon after returned to the mainland to complete a year of research at the Yale Clinical Neuroscience Imaging Center. There, Eli explored the subject of consciousness using epilepsy as a model for investigating complex task performance such as driving. Eli’s interests include hepatology and immunology, medical education, exercise of all kinds, and spending time with family. Recent accomplishments include having watched a Ken Burns documentary in its entirety and somehow getting (see: begging) his sister to watch with him. Eli has also recently got (see: beseeched) his brother to sign up for an 11th season of fantasy baseball. Eli (middle child) is looking forward to meeting his Vanderbilt family and this exciting new chapter in Nashville! Member of AOA.


BA - Comparative Religion and Psychology - City University of New York, Hunter College - 2012
MD - Universidad Central del Caribe - 2020
Internship - Vanderbilt University - 2021