Professor of Medicine

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Professor of Medicine and Biomedical Engineering


PhD - Georgia Inst of Tech
BS, Physics, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri

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1161 21st Ave. S.
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Research Keywords

Pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary fibrosis, right ventricle, metabolism, isolevuglandins, mouse models, bone morphogenic protein, fatty acid oxidation, thromboxane-prostanoid receptor, unbiased discovery, pulmonary vascular homeostasis

Research Description
We use genetically engineered mouse models, cell culture systems, patient samples, and direct patient investigation to solve problems surrounding pulmonary vascular disease and pulmonary fibrosis. We have created mouse models of different heritable PAH mutations, including BMPR2, CAV1, and KCNK3, and have learned a great deal about the molecular etiology of PAH from them. We are currently studying the role of heritable mutations in regulation of vasculogenesis and cell-cell junctions, metabolism, and interaction between pulmonary vascular cells and circulating inflammatory cells, as well as examining mechanisms of right heart adaptation and failure.