Fellowship: Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Bloomfield, NE
Career Plans
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Brief Bio

Jeff grew up on a dairy farm in Northeast Nebraska and like all good Nebraskans, he is a huge Husker fan. He attended the University of Nebraska, majoring in Biological Systems Engineering. After graduation, Jeff attended graduate school in Virology and Gene Therapy at the Mayo Clinic for two years before his mentor’s lab moved to University College Cork in Cork, Ireland. He completed his PhD training, tracking bone marrow derived progenitor cells in vascular injury. Upon graduation, he worked as a post-doc in Molecular and Genomic Vascular Biology at Duke University, studying paracrine factors for cardiac regeneration. After two years, Jeff went to medical school at the University of North Carolina, but continued his research at Duke. Outside of work and research, Jeff enjoys a good pub, smooth whiskey and brewing his own beer. With the little free time during intern year, Jeff plans to do some hiking and camping and is looking forward to exploring the lakes and mountains of Tennessee.