Daytona Beach, FL
Career Plans
Joey is a human being who matched into Vandy IM four days ago, which he was very excited about. A year before that, he completed his PhD in Molecular Physiology investigating the effects of maternal diet on offspring pancreatic islets. Five years before that, he transferred from the MD program into the MSTP because he loved Vanderbilt so much that he wanted to stay. Five years before that, he decided to major in Biomedical Engineering even though he was planning on going to medical school and he never regretted it, even now. Five years before that, his neighborhood friend convinced him to go on a four mile run with him and his dad, which felt like torture, but for some reason he still runs to this day. Fourteen years before that, he was baptized into the Coptic Orthodox Church; his faith has remained an integral part of his life since then. Four years before that, a man and a woman in Egypt snuck off to the library for a date, and then a lot of other stuff happened.


BS - Biomedical Engineering - Duke University - 2013
MD - Vanderbilt University - 2021
PhD - Vanderbilt University - 2021