Instructor, Department of Medicine, Division of Hematology/Oncology

Lumberton, NJ
Previous Institution
Johns Hopkins University
Previous Role/Title
Medical Oncology


M.D. - Thomas Jefferson University
Ph.D. - Thomas Jefferson University
Professional Highlights

Dr. Donaldson is interested in improving cancer care by studying and exploiting the genetic characteristics that drive breast cancers and lead to resistance. Hormone-directed therapies have been a mainstay of breast cancer therapy and have recently been enhanced by the addition of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors. While these targeted therapies are effective in treating many metastatic breast cancers with reasonable side effects, most patients experience progression as their cancers adapt and become resistant. The Donaldson lab uses a variety of molecular techniques to explore these resistance states by employing both in vitro and animal models of cancer. Understanding the mechanisms that cancers use to escape targeted therapies will allow researchers to design diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to further target breast cancer, and Dr. Donaldson and his lab hope to translate these discoveries to patient care with support from the clinical research team at the Vanderbilt Breast Cancer Research Program. As a result of these research efforts, Dr. Donaldson received the Conquer Cancer Young Investigator Award.