Queens, NY
Career Plans
Medical Education; Transitions of care for adolescents with special healthcare needs
Lauren was born and raised in Queens, New York. While she never had any siblings, she grew up with her cat, five birds, fish, hamsters—the list goes on. She attended Brown University for her undergraduate studies in psychology, and it was there she first developed her passion for ballroom dancing (a shock to her parents) and medicine (an even bigger shock). Returning closer to home, Lauren attended Stony Brook School of Medicine and concurrently obtained her Masters in Medical Humanities. Her academic interests include medical education and transitions of care for adolescents with special health care needs. Outside of work, Lauren loves her new reptile Chaqua, photography, playing board games, hiking, skiing, swimming, and trying new things!


BS - Psychology - Brown University - 2016
MD - Stony Brook University - 2021