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Primary Dept: Genetic Medicine, Nashville, TN

Associate Professor of Medicine

Associate Professor, Biomedical Informatics, Diversity Liaison

Associate Professor, Thoracic Surgery


PhD, Epidemiology - University of California, Berkeley
MPH, Epidemiology & Biostatistics - University of California, Berkeley
BA, Biology - University of California, Santa Cruz

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Postgraduate Training


Genetic Epidemiology - University of California, San Francisco

Clinical Interest

Research Keywords
Genetic epidemiology of lung cancer and pulmonary disease in underrepresented populations; health disparities; risk prediction in lung cancer screening populations; DNA biobanks; precision medicine; admixed populations
Research Description

The Aldrich Lab is focused on understanding why there are differences in lung cancer risk and survival among different racial/ethnic populations. We focus on identifying genetic and non-genetic risk factors for lung cancer and related phenotypes, such as pulmonary function. We are building an African American collaborative study to investigate mechanisms driving lung cancer racial disparities. Gene-environment and gene-gene interactions may explain some of the differences in disease between racial/ethnic groups. We work with the Southern Community Cohort Study, ILCCO, and the Vanderbilt DNA biobank (BioVU) and other collaborators to investigate lung cancer. The Aldrich Lab is also investigating the genetics of immunotherapy treatment among lung cancer patients. Recent collaborations are focused on addressing inequities in lung cancer screening, particularly for underserved populations such as African Americans and rural populations. Additional ongoing work includes investigating the genetics of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and the population genetics of African Americans and other racially diverse populations.