Research Instructor

St. Louis, MO
Previous Institution
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Previous Role/Title
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Epidemiology; Behavioral Cardiovascular Medicine


PhD, Epidemiology - University of Florida
MSW, Social Work- Washington University
BA, Psychology - University of Missouri

Postgraduate Training


Epidemiology- University of Florida

Epidemiology- Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Professional Highlights

Dr. Chichetto is a formally trained social worker and epidemiologist in the areas of alcohol use and health outcomes among high-risk populations, with a focus on persons living with HIV (PLWH). Her primary focus as an epidemiologist is investigating the health implications of common behavioral syndemics, particularly concurrent unhealthy alcohol use, cigarette smoking, and depressive symptoms. Her primary career goal is to improve health outcomes (e.g., cardiovascular disease) associated with behavioral health conditions among PLWH and other clinical populations. She plans to establish an interdisciplinary research program designed to develop and evaluate interventions for those with multiple behavioral conditions. Dr. Chichetto is specifically interested in bridging the gap between mechanistic research and implementation science by focusing on biologically informed pathways (e.g., the gut microbiome) for interventions to reduce inflammation, and by extension, end organ disease (e.g., CVD) that can treat and/or prevent the impact of behavioral syndemics. She is skilled in both qualitative and quantitative research methods. She has used qualitative approaches to understand and conceptualize the state of alcohol use screening and treatment in primary HIV care. Moreover, she specializes in longitudinal data analysis including multivariate analyses (i.e., mixed effects modeling, generalized estimating equations, and structural equation modeling), time-to-event analyses (i.e., Cox proportional hazard modeling), and pattern analyses (i.e., group-based trajectory modeling).