Associate Professor of Medicine

Research Description

Clinical and translational research focusing on the early detection, endoscopic staging and treatment of lung cancer, lung cancer chemoprevention, lung nodule diagnosis, development of new devices and techniques used in interventional pulmonology. Developing interest in education research, especially, ascertaining the effectiveness of various simulation based education methods.

Research Keywords

<div><font color='#333333'>Lung cancer, lung nodules, bronchoscopy, pleural diseases, pleural, airway, stenosis, lung volume reduction</font></div>

Postgraduate Training

Internal Medicine – Mayo Clinic, Rochester, 1999
Internal Medicine - Mayo Clinic, Rochester, 2001
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine - Mayo Clinic, Rochester, 2004
Dr Rickman board certified in the broad field of pulmonary and critical care medicine. However, he is sub-specialized and focused his interests on interventional pulmonology and thoracic oncology. He performs the full spectrum of diagnostic, therapeutic, and palliative airway procedures for patients with lung cancer or suspected lung cancer. His practice extends from smoking cessation counseling, early detection with endoscopic treatment to palliative airway procedures to alleviate symptoms in the patient with advanced lung cancer. In addition to lung cancer, disease processes treated by Dr. Rickman include complex airway management problems (such as tracheal and subglottic stenosis, benign and malignant central airway obstruction, airway foreign body removal, tracheobronchomalacia, excessive dynamic posterior membrane collapse, relapsing polychondritis, Wegener's granulomatosis, tracheoesophageal fistulae, amyloidosis, tracheobronchial papillomatosis, broncholithiasis, and fibrosing mediastinitis). He is and expert in management of pleural disease and leads the bronchoscopic lung volume reduction program for emphysema.
Previous Institution
Mayo Clinic, Rochester

Office Address:
1211 Medical Center Drive, TVC, Room / Suite B-817, Nashville, TN
Hugo, OK
Previous Role/Title
Associate Professor of Medicine & Thoracic Surgery
Interventional Pulmonology


DO - Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma
B.S., Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma
Board and Certifications
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine