Sub-specialty Interest – Hematology/Oncology

Mumbai, India
Career Plans
University of Pennsylvania
Brief Bio

Saumya was born in Mumbai, India and emigrated to the United States at the age of six. She grew up in Norristown, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. She attended the University of Pennsylvania where she studied Biology, Psychology, and South Asian Studies. After completing her undergraduate education, she took a gap year and participated in the CBYX program which gave her the opportunity to live and work in Köln, Germany for one year. Following that formative experience, she joined the MD/PhD program at Penn State University. Saumya earned her PhD with training as an immunologist and her research interests range from T cell biology to the tumor microenvironment; she will be fast-tracking into Hematology-Oncology and pursuing a career as a physician-scientist. Saumya is an avid tennis player and loves the NBA, especially her hometown Philadelphia 76ers. She loves to travel, not only to visit her family in India but also to explore new countries, cultures, and most importantly food. Her other interests include Bollywood movies, music and theater, reading for pleasure, and spending time with her beautiful co-residents.