Office Address:
Center for Lung Research, Nashville, TN

Research Associate Professor of Medicine

Previous Role/Title
Research Associate Professor of Medicine


MD - Tomsk Medical Institute, Tomsk, USSR
PhD. - IInstitute of Clinical & Experimental Medicine, Russia
Ph.D. - Pathology, Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Novosibirsk, Russia

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Clinical Interest

Research Keywords
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), constrictive bronchiolitis, pulmonary hypertension, secretory IgA, mucosal immunity, epithelial remodeling
Research Description
The small conducting airways are the primary sites for the deposition of the finest particulates inhaled into the lungs and colonization/invasion of commensal or pathogenic microorganisms. To protect the host against these environmental challenges, bronchial mucosa generates a multilayered defense system. The frontline defense barrier prevents the adherence of environmental agents to the epithelial cells and provides their elimination through so called immune exclusion mechanism without induction of immune responses. We investigate how impairment of this epithelial immune barrier affects host-microbial interactions and contributes to small airways disease.