Research Instructor

Previous Institution
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Previous Role/Title
Graduate Research Assistant
Molecular and genetic biomarkers for cancer risk


PhD - The University of Texas, 2012
MS University of Texas, 2012
BS Harbin Medical University, 2010

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Professional Highlights

As a cancer epidemiologist, Dr. Shu's research interests focus on the urgent need to develop novel and reliable biomarkers for cancer risk and prognosis. Dr. Shu has been actively conducting research in identifying novel biomarkers for a variety of cancers using genomics, transcriptomics, methylomics, proteomics, and metaboldata. For the first time, his research provided strong evidence for a potential causal relationship between fasting insulin and breast cancer risk using the Mendelian randomization approach. Dr. Shu received the AACR Scholar-in-Training Award for his work in 2017. The study has recently been published in The International Journal of Epidemiology and has received many accolades. Dr. Shu later conducted two prospective metabolomics studies of colorectal and pancreatic cancers, which were the first studies conducted in Asian populations using pre-diagnostic samples. Both works have recently been published in The International Journal of Cancer. Dr. Shu further developed a promising K99/R00 application based on his expertise in cancer etiology, causal inference, and omics studies. In his application, he proposed to integrate genomic and metabolomic data to identify novel biomarkers for colorectal cancer risk. The application has been tentatively selected for funding (impact score of 20 with just-in-time information requested). Dr. Shu is also leading or has participated in many other innovative projects including a cross-ancestry genome-wide association study of breast cancer, metabolomics of gastric/ovary/gallbladder/kidney cancer in East Asians, and integrative analysis of omics data to uncover new biomarkers for breast, ovary, and prostate cancers to better understand the etiology and biology.