Research Associate Professor of Medicine

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Research Associate Professor of Medicine


MD - Fourth Military Medical University
M.S. - Fourth Military Medical University China

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Research Fellow, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Vanderbilt University Medical Center - 1998

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1161 21st Ave S
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Following research fellowship at Vanderbilt University, Dr. Liu worked under the mentorship of Distinguished Professor of Medicine, Dr. Hawiger, Louise B. McGavock Chair. The Hawiger lab findings focused on study of pathway-selective Nuclear Transport Modifier (NTMs) after designed and validated bi-functional NTMs, which is a combined anti-inflammatory and lipid-lowering strategy and involves use of a new tool to test experimentally in cell-based and preclinical models of vascular inflammation. Dr. Liu’s efforts have explored the relative contribution of immune and metabolic pathways to a fundamental mechanism of vascular inflammation. She will also work toward identifying therapies to combat excessive inflammatory response in vascular dysfunction and injury.