Research Assistant Professor of Medicine
Allergy, Pulmonary, and Critical Care Medicine

Research Assistant Professor, Medicine

Professional Bio

Yang Liu, PhD, is a Research Assistant Professor in the Division of Allergy, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine. His long-term research interests include investigating the molecular mechanisms of mammalian development and human diseases via bioinformatics. With cutting-edge technologies such as single-cell and artificial intelligence, bioinformaticians have the ability to analyze genomic and epigenomic changes in ontogenesis and pathogenesis, which allows researchers to comprehensively understand the molecular mechanisms at different levels. In pursuit of his research goals, Dr. Liu has developed two single-cell methods and coded two single-cell tools. Among them, his new method RPCI, a single-cell data integration method, not only solves the common mathematic flaws of other data-integration approaches, but also builds a robustly and precisely analytic pipeline for the heterogeneous single-cell data integration that helps researchers identify transcriptomic changes of various cell populations along developmental time-axis and to understand cell state transitions in different experimental perturbations. Dr. Liu’s ongoing investigations include the application of new machine learning methods in concatenating multiple data types. With a set of genomic, epigenomic, temporal and spatial information, he aims to comprehensively identify cell subpopulations of complex tissues, to systematically investigate transcriptomic change and transcription regulation in cell lineages, and to understand cell-cell communication with ligand-receptor and anatomical information. In brief, he is working to develop more effective artificial-intelligence methods that can be applied to large-scale data analysis.


MS - Molecular Biology - Illinois Institute of Technology - 2010
PhD - Genetic Molecular and Cellular Biology - University of Southern California - 2016