Awards cover 5 areas:

  1. Outstanding Clinical Service: To recognize a Hospitalist who, over the past academic year, has exhibited exceptional service to patients and staff, and consistently exemplifies professionalism and Credo behaviors.

  2. Outstanding Programmatic Contributions:  To recognize a Hospitalist who has made meaningful contributions to the growth and development of Section of Hospital Medicine programs, services, and/or faculty during the past academic year.

  3. Outstanding Contributions in Quality Improvement / Scholarship:  To recognize a Hospitalist who has best represented the academic mission of the Section of Hospital Medicine in the past year, through excellence in quality improvement and/or other scholarly and educational activities that advance the care of hospitalized patients.

  4.  Outstanding Contributions in Advanced Practice Service:  To recognize an APP Hospitalist who has shown exceptional service and leadership with patients and staff and exemplifies Credo behaviors.

  5. Top DOM Subspecialty Fellow - To recognize a fellow who has been helpful to Hospitalist providers/services


Previous Winners