• Residency: University of Maryland
  • Med School: University of Maryland SOM
  • Undergrad: Franklin & Marshall
  • Birthplace: Kingston, Pennsylvania

I am interested in and pursuing a career in transplant hepatology and plan to stay in academics as a clinician educator. My research has mainly focused on nutrition in chronic liver disease. I am also interested in quality improvement projects regarding the care of our patients with cirrhosis.


  • Residency: Georgetown University Hospital
  • Med School: Virginia Commonwealth SOM
  • Undergrad: Virginia Commonwealth
  • Birthplace: Brentwood, Tennessee

My research interests include management and complications of parental nutrition. I have also been working on the investigation of longitudinal serum cytokine levels in predicting treatment response to individual drug classes in patients with Crohn’s Disease.


  • Residency: Duke Univ Medical Center
  • Med School: University of Alabama
  • Undergrad: Samford University
  • Birthplace: Montgomery, Alabama

My clinical interests are in the management of patients with chronic liver disease and those requiring liver transplantation. My research interests are utilization of clinical data for the prediction of decompensation risks in patients with cirrhosis, implementation of clinical decision support tools to improve care for patients with liver disease, and for prediction of poor outcomes post liver transplantation.


  • Residency: Vanderbilt University Med Center
  • Med School: Univ Minnesota Medical School
  • Undergrad: University of Minnesota
  • Birthplace: Coon Rapids, Minnesota

My research interests include women's health and inflammatory bowel disease. My projects have included studying long-term biologic therapy outcomes, evaluating risk of postpartum inflammatory bowel disease flare and management, and evaluating patient reported outcomes in the inflammatory bowel disease clinic. 


  • Residency: Duke University
  • Med School: Univ of Virginia School of Medicine
  • Undergrad:  University of Mississippi
  • Birthplace:  St. Louis, Missouri

I am interested in general gastroenterology, palliative care/symptom management of chronic GI conditions, women’s health, and working with learners at all stages to hopefully, one day, contribute to the education of students, residents, and fellows. I strive to provide my patients with the best care and experience possible.


  • Residency: Vanderbilt University Med Center
  • Med School: Univ Miami - Leonard M. Miller
  • Undergrad: University of Miami
  • Birthplace: Pembroke Pines, Florida

My interest is in teaching and sharing of intellect. This motivates my aspiration for a career in academic medicine; particularly in general GI and motility.


  • Residency: Duke University Hospital
  • Med School: Florida State University COM
  • Undergrad: University of Central Florida
  • Birthplace: Plantation, Florida

My clinical interests includes the study of liver diseases including viral hepatitis, autoimmune hepatitis, metabolic liver diseases, and end stage liver disease. My research interests include community and global health with a focus on health equity and civil engagement. 


  • Residency: Univ of Texas Southwestern
  • Med School: Vanderbilt SOM
  • Undergrad: Vanderbilt University
  • Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio

Most of my prior research experiences have been in epidemiological studies around endoscopic screening and surveillance of various GI ailments. While I'm potentially interested in hepatology, I remain open to the variety of clinical possibilities.


  • Residency: University of Pennsylvania
  • Med School: Lewis Katz - Temple University
  • Undergrad: University of Virginia
  • Birthplace:  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

My prior research experience has been in the field of motility, specifically the histopathology of gastroparesis and novel treatment modalities for gastroparesis.  I have also explored the role of peptide receptor radionuclide therapy in the treatment of GI neuroendocrine tumors.


  • Residency: Emory University
  • Med School: Univ Missouri-Kansas City SOM
  • Undergrad: University of Missouri
  • Birthplace: Trenton, New Jersey

I am interested in conducting research on pancreatic disorders/diseases with a specific focus on pancreatic cysts and their management.


  • Residency: Cleveland Clinic
  • Med School: Aga Khan Univ Medical College
  • Undergrad: Aga Khan University
  • Birthplace: Pakistan

My interests are esophageal motility disorders, diagnostic modalities to differentiate GERD from other causes of esophagitis, and endoscopic treatment of esophageal disorders. I am also interested in psychomotor recovery after endoscopic sedation.


  • Residency: Vanderbilt Univ Medical Center
  • Med School: University of Maryland SOM
  • Undergrad: University of Maryland
  • Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland

I have diverse clinical interests including inflammatory bowel disease, endoscopy technique & design, and quality improvement. I have conducted several research projects assessing innovative endoscopic devices as well as projects related to IBD in pregnancy and healthcare utilization.