A. Communication Workshop

Communication workshop consists of an intensive communication workshop conducted in the Center for Experiential Learning (CELA) where our fellows practice communication skills using a standardized patient with coaching in real time. This consists of 5 sessions spread across the year

B. V-Care

Vanderbilt Curriculum Aligned with Resilience Enhancement (V-CARE) Program: In the field of medicine, nearly half of both trainees and seasoned practitioners report some symptoms of burnout. Though not long in hours, the deeply meaningful work of palliative care can be taxing in other ways. At Vanderbilt, we feel it is critical to train not only clinically excellent providers, but balanced human beings who can grow and thrive in the richly rewarding field of palliative care. The result is our multi-layered V-CARE curriculum which consists of the following elements

  • Debriefing with Psychologist (bi-Monthly)
  • EAP Faculty Mentorship (Quarterly and PRN)
  • Book Club
  • “Whine” and Cheese
  • Social Events and Gatherings (Evening at the Bluebird, Holidays, Graduation)
  • Team Lunches and life events celebrations

C. Night at the Museum 

Programs are challenged to improve palliative care education and to find ways to introduce and nurture attitudes and behaviors such as empathy, patient-centered care and holistic care. This retreat includes a unique approach, presented in an art museum, with a combination of different learning methods, including reflections on art, personal experiences of faculty and trainees, reflective trigger pieces of art, and guided and facilitated group discussions. It is reflective of the integration of Medicine with the Humanities

D. Quality Improvement Bootcamp

The Objectives of this half day retreat are   • To understand the role of Patient Safety/Quality Improvement (PSQI) in Fellowship Training • To identify best practices as related to PSQI • To identify key resource for PSQI. Fellows then over the year engage in individual or group QI projects that the present to the whole group. 

F. Leadership Retreat

This retreat with its series of discussion topics addresses the challenges of being catapulted into leadership roles for over 60% of our graduates at the completion of the fellowship.