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The Vanderbilt Infectious Diseases Society (VIDS) is new to the Division of Infectious Diseases as of 2014. It is our hope that the Society will create avenues for members to become and stay connected. The primary objectives of VIDS are to support ongoing education in Infectious Diseases and provide a strong network of members all over the world. We hope to host gatherings at our major ID meetings and develop CME-based educational symposia here at Vanderbilt. If you have either trained in ID, been a faculty member in our Division, or you have developed a career in ID after spending some part of your academic life at Vanderbilt, then VIDS is for you!

Membership is free and open to anyone who has trained in ID at Vanderbilt or has been a faculty member in the Division. Free membership is also available (upon review) to individuals who have developed a career in ID but were affiliated with Vanderbilt University in some capacity other than completing a fellowship or serving as a faculty member. For example, former Vanderbilt University undergraduate, graduate or medical students who developed careers in ID (whether in patient care or investigation) are eligible for membership.

Please email us for more details and/or to become a member today!


Coming this fall, a Virtual Conference online

Wednesday October 21st- Sunday, October 25th, 2020
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA

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Support VIDS by making a one-time or recurring gift. Your contribution will support ongoing education and training in Infectious Diseases at Vanderbilt University.