Jacob Hathaway, MD
Jacob Hathaway, M.D.
Associate Director, Internal Medicine Residency Program


Nashville Department of Veterans Affairs

The section in Veterans Health within the Division of General Internal Medicine and Public Health has the core values of delivering high quality and compassionate health care, engaging in research activities that improve our care, and instilling these values in all our trainees.  Our goals focus on developing and supporting our faculty, trainees, and the institutional environment within the Department of Veterans Affairs, Tennessee Valley Healthcare System (TVHS) at VUMC.   Our clinical operations leverage our strengths in quality improvement and medical informatics to actively integrate evidence-based medicine into Veteran's clinical care, while monitoring our performance, and continually improving the quality of our care. Our physician-scientists have a broad range of funded research programs with emphasis in quality improvement, healthcare informatics, pharmaco-vigilance, pharmaco-epidemiology, and chemoprevention.  Our talented and fostering faculty provides mentoring and research opportunities for Internal Medicine residents, clinical and research fellows, and junior faculty.