Division of Genetic Medicine

Research Centers and Labs

Research Centers

  • Vanderbilt Center for Digital Genomic Medicine: The Center for Digital Genomic Medicine seeks to advance medicine by building integrated data resources and developing novel methodologies to directly inform and improve diagnostics and treatment decisions.
  • Vanderbilt Genetics Institute: The mission of the Vanderbilt Genetics Institute is to promote genomic discovery and advance understanding of the human genome. Application of new discoveries will ultimately translate into improved patient care through better diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of human disease.

Research Labs

  • Aldrich Lab: A multidisciplinary team led by Dr. Melinda Aldrich, whose goal is to improve the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer for all populations.
  • Barricarte Lab: An immunogenetics lab, working on infectious diseases and primary immunodeficiencies, led by Dr. Ruben Martinez-Barricarte.
  • Below Lab
  • Bick Lab: Within the Division of Genetic Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, the Bick Lab is advancing genomics research, expanding the limits of our understanding of Clonal Hematopoiesis of Indeterminate Potential (CHIP)
  • Cox Lab
  • Davis Lab: Led by Dr. Lea K. Davis, this lab studies a wide range of traits including psychiatric and endocrine phenotypes. They are particularly interested in understanding the genetics underlying the richness of neurodiversity in human populations.
  • Gamazon Lab: This lab, led by Dr. Eric Gamazon, develops and applies genomic and computational methods to investigate the genetic architecture of complex traits, including disease risk and drug response.
  • Khankari Lab

  • Knapik Lab: Led by Dr. Ela Knapik, this research lab seeks to understand mechanisms of protein transport and secretion through modeling of human diseases
  • Ng Lab
  • Ruderfer Lab: A research group at the intersection of genomics, biomedical informatics and psychiatry, led by Dr. Douglas Ruderfer.
  • Southard-Smith Lab: A research group focused on understanding how discrete disease genes work individually and in combination with other genes in the genetic background to produce deficits of the peripheral nervous system, led by Dr. Michelle Southard-Smith
  • Zebra Fish Core Aquatic Facility