Division of Infectious Diseases

The Department of Medicine’s Division of Infectious Diseases is dedicated to enhancing the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases through discovery and application of new knowledge that is integrated with the mentorship of trainees to become the next generation of national leaders in the field.

The division’s mission is enhanced by our strong emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration, social and intellectual diversity, commitment to lifelong self-learning and professionalism. We emphasize a global perspective, and aim to maintain excellence and compassion in every clinical encounter.

Research with real-world impact

Clinical and research program strengths include HIV medicine, mycobacterial infections, and infectious diseases in transplantation recipients. Epidemiology and patient-oriented research initiatives are flourishing in drug and vaccine development for HIV, tuberculosis, and other pathogens, as well as in hospital epidemiology, and emerging and reemerging infections.

Committed to excellence in teaching

The Division of Infectious Diseases is deeply committed to excellence in teaching of medical students, residents, fellows, and colleagues in practice through our training programs in infectious diseases, transplant infectious diseases and addiction medicine.

Director, Division of Infectious Diseases
Department of Medicine

Kelly Dooley, MD, PhD, MPH, is Professor of Medicine, and Director of the Division of Infectious Diseases within the Department of Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC).

As an infectious disease specialist and clinical pharmacologist, Dr. Dooley maintains an active clinical practice in HIV care. Her research focuses on tuberculosis therapeutics with an emphasis on clinical trials of TB drugs and HIV/TB co-treatment, as well as clinical pharmacology of TB and HIV drugs.

She is lead investigator for trials of therapeutics for drug-sensitive and drug-resistant TB, TB-HIV, and pediatric TB meningitis. She is on the TB scientific committees of the AIDS Clinical Trials Group and IMPAACT networks and is a consultant to World Health Organization on TB therapeutics and pharmacology.


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