Vascular Medicine Fellowship Program 

Comprehensive training through multidiplinary rotations

The Fellowship in Vascular Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) is designed to provide comprehensive training in vascular medicine through core multidisciplinary rotations. The one-year clinical fellowship will equip trainees to apply for certification in Vascular Medicine through the American Board of Vascular Medicine and obtain the Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation (RPVI) credential. 

The Vascular Medicine section at VUMC aims to produce leaders in the field of vascular medicine through exposure to the highest level of vascular care and research. Trainees will become facile in the evaluation and treatment of arterial, venous and lymphatic disease, including rare vascular disorders. The Brown Family Fellowship Fund provides additional support for trainees. 

Unique research environment

Vanderbilt is ranked in the top 10 of NIH-funded universities in the United States, and the Department of Medicine is among the top departments of medicine nationally.

These resources provide a unique environment for successful research training, and approximately half of our graduates go on to become faculty members of leading medical schools.  

Our program is designed to provide trainees with the requisite skills for a career in academic vascular medicine. After successfully completing this fellowship, trainees will be fully equipped to treat patients with the full spectrum of vascular disorders in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. 

Content AreaRotationDurationPrimary Clinical Mentors

Vascular Medicine  

Longitudinal Continuity Clinic  

Vascular Lab

48 weeks  

12 weeks

Dr. Aaron Aday  


Benign Hematology  

Hypercoagulability Testing and Interpretation

Anticoagulation Clinic

Acute Pulmonary Embolism Management

4 weeks  

1 week

1 week

4 weeks

Dr. Colleen Morton 

Dr. Benjamin Tillman

Dr. Colleen Morton

Dr. Ashish Shah
Dr. Pete Fong

Venous Disease Interventional Radiology4 weeksDr. LeAnn Stokes
Aortic Disease

Cardiac Surgery

Marfan Syndrome and Aortic Disorders Clinic

2 weeks

2 weeks

Dr. Ashish Shah

Dr. Melissa Levack


Physical Therapy2 weeksDr. Paula Donahue

Peripheral Arterial Disorders 

Vascular Surgery  

4 weeks  

Dr. Daniel Clair  

Smoking Cessation  

Smoking Cessation Consult Service  

1 week  

Dr. Hilary Tindle  


Vascular Imaging  

3 weeks  

Dr. Thomas McLaren  

Wound Care  

Vascular Surgery 

2 weeks  

Dr. Mark Iafrates 

Cerebrovascular Disease  

Stroke Neurology  


2 weeks  

2 weeks

Dr. Eli Zimmerman  

Dr. Matthew Fusco


Vasculitis Clinic (Rheumatology)  

2 weeks  

Dr. Kevin Byram                      

Dr. Jason Springer

Training in clinical and translational research is an important component of the fellowship, and core faculty members have several NIH- and foundation-sponsored research projects in which fellows may participate. In addition, core faculty members actively collaborate with investigators across multiple departments and schools at Vanderbilt University, and these existing relationships and collaborations create ample research opportunities for vascular medicine trainees. 

Vascular Medicine Conference is held weekly. Topics include clinical case discussion, journal club and invited guest speakers. Fellows will present at this conference several times over the course of the academic year. Fellows will also present at the monthly Vascular Laboratory Educational Series.

Additional educational conference over the course of the academic year include Vascular Surgery Conference, Aortic Conference, Medical Grand Rounds, Cardiovascular Medicine Grand Rounds, Cardiovascular Clinical Management Conference, and Morbidity, Mortality and Improvement Conference. 

Applications for the 2024-2025 academic year are currently closed. Please check back for updates on the 2025-2026 application cycle.

Sylvia Jones 

Program Manager;

Program Leadership

Aaron Aday, MD, MSc

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Director, Vascular Medicine Fellowship Program