Internal Medicine Residency Program

Residency Program Benefits

Benefits for Department of Medicine House Staff

Listed below are many of the benefits extended to the house staff from both the Department of Medicine and from the  Office of Graduate Medical Education at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Please visit the GME website for further information regarding health plans, life insurance policies, and retirement information. 

2023-2024 Stipends

PGY Level7/1/23 - 12/31/23Effective as of 1/1/24
1$64,025 $70,000

















Insurance Benefits/Retirement

Vanderbilt University pays the premium for HIV Indemnity Insurance, Workers Compensation, Professional and General Liability Insurance, Accident Travel, and Long Term Disability (Basic). Health insurance with national providers, dental insurance, and life insurance are available at a significantly reduced rate to house staff. Retirement contributions are placed in a 403(b) account and are matched "dollar for dollar" (up to 5% of gross income) by the medical center. 


Three weeks of vacation are provided to each intern, with an additional five days provided at the winter holiday. During the resident years, three weeks of vacation and one week of "independent study" are provided, again with the additional winter holiday break. 


Each member of the house staff is given a meal allowance for the year based on the number of in-house calls expected. This typically results in approximately $600-700 to use at vending machines, the cafeteria, espresso bars, and the undergraduate campus food court. Lunch is provided at no cost three-four days/week at teaching conferences. 


Scrubs are provided at no cost to the house staff through conveniently located dispensing machines. Each member is allotted three pairs of scrubs, with free laundry of these at any time. Additionally, three physician coats are provided, embroidered with the physician's name, at the beginning of the year. Dry cleaning services for these coats are also provided at no charge. House staff also receive alphanumeric pagers at no expense. 


Many residents have the opportunity to present research projects at national meetings, with the sponsoring division providing financial support. 

Maternity and Paternity Leave

Both Vanderbilt University and the Department of Medicine support the Family Medical Leave Act, which provides up to 12 weeks of leave for maternity, paternity, adoption, severe illness in a family member, or for personal illness. The department is pleased to work with each member of the house staff in order that board requirements may still be met in a timely fashion. 

See the House Staff Parent Handbook here.


  • Library: The Eskind Biomedical Library allows Vanderbilt staff access via the internet to thousands of electronically stored journals. The library also subscribes to uptodate® and mdconsult®. 
  • Parking: Parking in a covered garage adjacent to the hospital is provided at no cost to house staff. 
  • Banking: Direct deposit of monthly pay is available at most banks. 
  • Social events: The Department organizes various social events each year: an annual retreat for interns away from campus, and a holiday party and senior sendoff for all house staff (faculty and community physicians cover the clinics and hospitals). 
  • Child care: On-site child care is provided at a competitive rate for Vanderbilt faculty and staff. For more information please visit the  Vanderbilt Child and Family Center website